Victorian Style Mailboxes: Choosing the Perfect One for Your Home

September 24, 2013

Victorian mailboxes reflect a very broad, vast panache of styles that were common to the era of the matriarch of Great Britain, Queen Victoria.

Whether the sub-style is Italianate, Second Empire, Shingle, Stick, Gothic Revival, or a mix of these styles, what makes a style “Victorian” is more than the period but rather the elaborate embellishments and ornate details and designs that leave no part of the item unadorned.

This is true whether it’s a Victorian home, Victorian mailbox, or Victorian house numbers. All are full of unique fine detailing and fancy decorative touches.

A Victorian mailbox is not designed to fade into the background but rather becomes a design statement that compliments the architecture of the home.

And one should note that not only are there Victorian style mailboxes that closely mimic the style of the period, there are also fine choices of antique style mailboxes that simply romanticize the Victorian era and provide more of an interpretation of Victorian design than a replica.

The nation’s leading retailer of Victorian mailboxes, The MailboxWorks, has a showcase of both.

Ecco 8 Victorian Tower Curbside MailboxEcco 8 Tower Mailbox

For an example of an iconic Victorian mailbox consider the classic, elaborately detailed Ecco 8 Tower mailbox.  This grand stalwart tower stands erect and proud; greeting walk up delivery and residents like it is a friend in the community.

The Ecco 8 Tower is the quintessential example of a classic Victorian style mailbox.  One might even mistake it for the iconic phone booth that Dr. Who uses on the famous British TV show.

It’s just classic Victorian design with scrolling, crests, heralds, and fine detailing on every square inch.

Whether one orders this as a typical black Victorian mailbox or chooses bronze or rust brown color, there’s no mistaking the design intended with these Ecco 8 Tower Victorian mailboxes.

AMCO Pedestal Victorian Mailbox

For a more romanticized or stylized approach to Victorian style mailboxes, consider The MailboxWork’s AMCO pedestal Victorian mailboxes.

This Victorian mailbox marries the fine details of Victorian style with the obvious Americana of the Pony Express.

While the finial on the top of the scalloped shingled roof features a very British royal crown, the early American frontier horse and rider with hanging bugle that adorns the sides of these pedestal Victorian mailboxes cues the passerby that this Pony Express-adorned mailbox belongs more on the streets of an American city than perhaps on the streets of London.

For those who do not wish to mount the mailbox on pedestal, the Amco Victorian mailbox is also available as a wall mount Victorian mailbox.

Imperial 311 Mailbox SystemImperial 311 Post Mount Mailbox

Another example of a stylized approach to Victorian mailboxes is the Imperial 311 residential post mount mailbox.

These beautiful Victorian mailboxes flirt with architectural details on both sides of the English Channel.

The scrolling flair prominent in Victorian design compliments the more French Provincial design elements like the fleur de leaf that prominently adorns the mailbox door.

When faced with a wide variety of Victorian style mailboxes, the key to purchasing the perfect one for your home is to study the minute details that make up the architectural features of your residence.

Then review MailboxWorks’ Victorian style mailboxes to find those details that repeat themselves in the design of the Victorian mailbox you like.

Whether stylized or classic, decorating with Victorian style means choosing patterns and designs on a Victorian mailbox that compliment rather than contrast with your home.

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