Ecco 8 Tower Mailbox: Elegant Choice for Home Mail Delivery

April 6, 2016

Ecco 8 Victorian Tower Curbside MailboxFor homeowners who still enjoy walk-up mail delivery, the Ecco 8 tower mailbox provides an elegant Victorian look but at an extraordinary value.

The architecture of the Fuoriserie Ecco 8 tower mailbox is distinctly Victorian in style. Motifs are featured on each of the four sides of the Ecco 8 mailbox and, as in the style of Victorian architecture; no surface is left unadorned or plain.

Available in three classic colors (Bronze, Satin Black, and Rust Brown), the powder coat finish of the Ecco 8 mailbox offers excellent protection against the natural elements.

Available online at The MailboxWorks, the cast aluminum construction of the Ecco 8 tower mailbox has proven to be completely rust-free, and the canopied top provides excellent protection against rain and snow.

The unique design of the Ecco 8 mailbox draws a fond eye to the beauty and intricacy of the tower. Both the size of the Ecco 8 mailbox and its elaborate Victorian style often become a wonderful architectural element within one’s neighborhood, to be enjoyed by those who pass by daily on their routine walk or drive.

The Ecco 8 tower mailbox also features a soaring fountain-style finial at the top of its roofline. The finial’s design is as if a ball is being balanced upon a stream of water emitting from a fountainhead.  The word “post” is indented into the eve of the roofline upon the mail receiving side and a gold-lettered word “mail” is indented into the actual mail-receiving slot.

Unlike a post mount mailbox, the Ecco 8 tower mailbox eliminates the post entirely. The installation of the Ecco 8 is straightforward as it arrives pre-assembled and ready to bolt to a masonry or wood pedestal from the inside mailbox floor.

The mounting pedestal is easily constructed and is not included with the Ecco 8 as each mailbox installation is unique. The tiered moldings upon the bottom of the Ecco 8 tower mailbox provide deft concealment of the pedestal mounting beneath it.

The Ecco 8 is also a secure residential mailbox and comes with two doors and two keys that can be duplicated if needed, should more than two family members retrieve the mail. Both keys fit both mailbox doors:

  1. The rear locking mail access door
  2. The front locking mail access door

And if the keys are not desired, an optional non-locking thumb latch is available in an antique brass finish.

The large mail slot at the front, for receiving mail, also does an excellent job of receiving small to medium-sized mail packages.  However, for homeowners who use their mailbox to send outgoing mail, it should be noted that the Ecco 8 Tower mailbox does not offer a holding area for outgoing mail, as it is designed to securely receive incoming mail only.

As with any change of a residential mailbox, it is always wise to seek your local postmaster’s approval before installing your new Fuoriserie Ecco 8 tower mailbox.

If you still have questions or if you need help ordering the Ecco 8 Tower mailbox, please call our mailbox experts toll-free at 1-866-717-4943.

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