4 Essential Steps for Upgrading Your Residential Mailbox

September 6, 2019

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Residential Mailbox Replacement

Have you been thinking about a residential mailbox replacement?

If you take a stroll down Eighth Avenue in New York City, you’ll come across the James A Farley Postal Service Building. This beautiful structure’s colonnades uphold the unofficial creed of the United States Postal Service;

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

Nature’s elements may not keep the postal service from delivering your mail, but they sure can take a toll on your actual mailbox.

So what do you do when your mailbox is worn out and you need a residential mailbox replacement? Many people put off replacing their mailbox simply because they are unfamiliar with the process. This article will outline the four essential steps every homeowner should take when purchasing a new residential mailbox.

Step 1: How Will Your Mailbox Be Mounted?

The foundational step in residential mailbox replacement is to determine how you would like your mailbox mounted. You may choose from the following:

  1. Post Mount Mailboxes
  2. Wall Mount Mailboxes
  3. Column Mount Mailboxes
  4. Multi-Mount Mailboxes

The easiest way to settle on the type of mailbox mount you need is by ascertaining what type of mailbox mount you currently have. If you are considering making a change to the type of mount, be sure to consult your local postmaster first.

Step 2: What Style of Mailbox Do You Prefer?

When making a residential mailbox replacement, keep in mind that each mounting type will come in a variety of designs and finishes. Consider the architectural style of your home. A contemporary home looks best with modern mailboxes. Victorian homes pair perfectly with Victorian-style mailboxes. The eclectic home begs for a novelty mailbox. We have suitable mailboxes for all styles in between! If you have one, you’ll want to consult your homeowner’s association to ensure your style choices are compliant with neighborhood regulations.

Step 3: Non-Locking or Locking?

Many homeowners these days choose a locking mailbox to prevent mail theft and identity theft. Each mounting type offers locking kit options in a multitude of styles. Nearly all residential locking mailboxes allow postal carriers to deliver your mail without requiring a key. This means there’s no need to consult your local postmaster when making your decision!

Step 4: Where is the Best Place to Buy A Residential Mailbox Replacement?

Regardless of mounting type, style or function, you should carefully consider where to purchase your new mailbox. The MailboxWorks has been supplying North American homeowners, business owners and contractors with quality mailboxes since 1989. We offer the largest selection of residential mailboxes at competitive prices. The MailboxWorks stands behind every mailbox we sell so you can buy with confidence.

The MailboxWorks offers top-notch customer service and expert guidance. For more information about residential mailbox replacements, please send us an email or call us toll-free at 1-866-717-4943.

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