4 Essential Steps for Upgrading Your Residential Mailbox

September 6, 2019 2:30 pm

Keystone Fleur De Lis Deluxe PostOften, many homeowners put off residential mailbox replacement because of unfamiliarity with the process.

If you visit New York City, you’ll notice the huge Corinthian colonnades of the James A Farley Postal Service Building on Eighth Avenue upholding the unofficial creed of the US Postal Service:

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night
Stays these Couriers from the Swift Completion of their Appointed Rounds

And while nature’s elements may not keep the postal carriers from delivering your mail, they sure can take a toll on your actual mailbox.

Because most homeowners are focused on quickly retrieving the contents of their mailbox, it is easy to focus on the mail received and miss the fact that your mailbox may be in dire need of replacement. Yet, Residential Mailboxes are often the very first impression every guest has of your home. So, every homeowner should examine whether or not their residential mailbox presents a good impression or not.

So, for residential mailbox replacement, this article will outline the four essential steps every homeowner should take when purchasing a new residential mailbox:

  1. How Will Your Mailbox Be Mounted?
  2. What Style of Residential Mailbox Do You Like?
  3. Do You Need a Locking Mailbox?
  4. Where is the Best Place to Purchase a Residential Mailbox?

Mounting Options for Residential Mailboxes

The first and most foundational step in residential mailbox replacement is to determine how you would like your mailbox mounted. You could choose from:

  1. Post Mount Mailboxes
  2. Wall Mount Mailboxes
  3. Column Mount Mailboxes
  4. Multi-Mount Mailboxes
    (Multi-mount are groups of mailboxes ganged together on a single or dual post to form one delivery point.)

In addition, some residential areas also have commonly owned mailboxes such a cluster box unit mailboxes (also called CBU mailboxes) and 4C horizontal mailboxes (that may be set into a wall or placed on a pedestal). CBU and 4C residential mailboxes are generally termed commercial mailboxes in the mailbox industry.

This foundational step of choosing your mounting option is easily accomplished by determining the type of mailbox you have and replacing it with that type of mailbox. If you are considering making any change to the type of mounting function, remember to first consult your local postal service postmaster to gain approval before purchasing a new mounting option for your residential mailbox replacment.

Mailbox Style

Once the mounting type of mailbox is determined, the next three steps can take place in any order depending on the preferences of the homeowner. The first of these non-sequential steps is mailbox style.

Whether one is shopping for a multi-mount, column mount, post mount or wall mount residential mailbox replacement, each mounting type comes in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Even commercial mailboxes are offered in a variety of styles.

To determine the proper mailbox style for your home, consider the architectural style of the home itself. Contemporary architecture looks best with Modern Mailboxes; styles that feature Avant Garde colors, nickel or stainless steel finishes.

Traditional architecture works best with expected colors such as black, white and brown or Classic Mailboxes with brass or bronze finishes. Typically, postal service approval is not necessary for these mailbox style choices. However, you may need to consult your local homeowner’s association to ensure style choices are compliant with local regulations.

Non-Locking or Locking Mailbox?

The next non-sequential step is to consider whether or not your residential mailbox replacement should be locking mailbox or not. Due to mail theft and identify theft, many homeowners upgrade their mailboxes for this reason alone alone. If protecting your mail is important to you, shop for locking mailboxes in the mounting type category (post mount mailboxes, wall mount mailboxes, etc.) of your choice.

Each mounting type, including commercial mailboxes, offers locking options. Nearly all residential locking mailboxes allow postal service mail carriers to deliver mail without a key so unless you are purchasing commercial mailboxes, your local postal service postmaster need not be consulted when replacing a non-locking mailbox with a locking mailbox.

Where to Buy A Residential Mailbox Replacement

Finally, when shopping for a residential mailbox replacement – regardless of mounting type, style or function, you should carefully consider where to buy. The MailboxWorks is the national leader in residential mailboxes, providing everything from architectural to contemporary residential mailboxes to North American homeowners and contractors since 1989.

Since The MailboxWorks offers the largest selection for residential mailbox replacement (at the lowest prices), you can be confident that whatever mailbox suits your home best will also be a great deal. Additionally, The MailboxWorks offers top-notch customer service and expert guidance by phone or online. The MailboxWorks stands behind every mailbox we sell. When you buy residential mailbox replacement from The MailboxWorks, you can buy with confidence.

For more information about residential mailbox replacement options, call us today toll free at 1-866-717-4943.

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