Why Upgrade to dVault Delivery Vaults?

December 21, 2015 3:19 pm by

dVault Parcel Protector Vault Pedestal MailboxOne of the most significant improvements a commercial business can make in both security and convenience is the installation of a secure dVault mail delivery vault.

Mail delivery vaults, such as The MailboxWorks dVault line of secure locking mailboxes, allow the postal carrier (and/or shipping companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, and others) to deliver mail and packages at any time without entering one’s building.

And many wise leaders of commercial organizations are moving to this secure dVault delivery vault mailbox model of receiving their mail for these five key reasons:

  1. Mail and Packages can be delivered 24/7
  2. After hours and weekend delivery remain safe
  3. Delivery is received indoors instead of outdoors
  4. Mail can only be accessed with a key
  5. dVault mailboxes are easy to Install

24/7 Mail Delivery

First, by ensuring that mail and packages can be delivered at any time (day or night or on weekends) through a dVault mailbox delivery vault (that is installed in the building’s wall), one can excuse their business operations from having to be open to receive the mail at a reception desk. In locations with later delivery schedules (such as deliveries that can range from 4 pm to 7 pm in some locales), the ability to close one’s operations at 4 pm or 5 pm can create significant labor savings for one’s organization.

After Hours & Weekend Delivery Mail Remains Secure

Second, by utilizing a dVault locking mailbox delivery vault that it installed in the wall of one’s business, mail that is delivered after hours or on the weekends can be picked up during business hours and remains secure since one’s organization’s interior alarm systems can monitor any attempt at mail theft. Thieves look for easy targets and securing one’s mail inside a building with a security alarms is a wise way to ensure one’s mail is difficult to access or steal.

Indoor Delivery Keeps Mail Safe from the Elements

Third, by installing a dVault delivery vault into the wall of one’s business or organization, employees or volunteers can easily retrieve delivered mail and/or packages without donning a raincoat or winter garb to go outside into the harsh elements. On some dVault mailbox units a viewport is cut into the backside of the delivery vault so that employees can see whether or not mail or packages have been delivered. Additionally, the secure dVault column mount full service delivery vault mailbox also offers the convenience of being able to place one’s outgoing mail into the dVault delivery vault without exiting the building.

Mail Requires Secure Key Access

Fourth, because the dVault locking mailbox delivery vaults are securely locked on the rear side of the units (and this rear side is the side that is accessible from the interior of the building), guests and/or unauthorized employees of one’s business or organization cannot access the mail without the proper mailbox key.

dVault Mailboxes are Easy to Install

Finally, all of The MailboxWork’s dVault delivery vault mailboxes are easy to install into both residential and commercial buildings and dVault mailboxes are also designed (and sized) to fit in between exterior wall studs with 16 inch centers.

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