Top 4 Most Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

January 24, 2019 4:22 pm

Some of the most unique holiday gift ideas that you might not have considered before can also be practical and personalized.

While anyone can take just a few seconds to pick up a gift card at the local grocery store, why not consider a unique holiday gift idea that will also be greatly appreciated?

Certainly, the more we think about the needs of the person we are giving a gift to the more likely we will see that prized look of glee. But beyond considering the needs of the recipient, there are two things every gift giver can do to improve the likelihood of a perfect gift:

  • Look for holiday gifts that can be personalized with the recipient’s name or information
  • Search out holiday gifts that are uniquely suited to the recipient’s interests and passions

In this article, the experts at The MailboxWorks provide four unique holiday gift ideas that will bring a genuine smile to the recipient each time they encounter them:

  1. Whitehall Address Plaque Gifts
  2. Lighted Address Plaque Gifts
  3. Novelty Mailbox Gifts
  4. Welcome Door Mat Gifts

Whitehall Modern Legacy Address PlaqueGifting Home Address Plaques by Whitehall

The first of these unique holiday gift ideas is also easily customizable.

A Whitehall 8.5” by 14” arched address plaque can be ordered for less than fifty dollars and can be customized with the recipient’s exact house numbers (up to five numbers). You can also choose to gift a home address plaque in black, bronze, or dark green. They can include gold numerals with accents or can be purchased in black with silver numerals and accents.

Whitehall address plaques are constructed with the all-new ALumi-Shield coating that provides a durable finish that’s guaranteed to protect the address plaques against harsh weather and environmental elements. The ability to customize the plaque to reflect the actual house address numbers of the recipient says very clearly, “I thought ahead and I thought of you.”

QualArc Bayside Lighted Address PlaqueGifting Lighted Address Plaques

Another special option for unique holiday gift ideas, is the QualArc Bayside lighted address plaque available at The MailboxWorks.

Like the Whitehall address plaques, these aluminum-framed QualArc home address plaques will not rust and feature large six-inch numerals that are illuminated for easy address identification by emergency response personnel, guests, or delivery agents.  And The MailboxWorks illuminated address plaques are simple to install, as the power source easily connects to an existing doorbell system.

Gifting A Novelty Mailbox

Firetiger Lure Novelty MailboxAnother excellent option from our list of unique holiday gift ideas is a novelty mailbox that matches the person’s passions and interests. Most novelty mailboxes are under a hundred dollars and have that instant fun component that says, “I know you.”

The MailboxWorks carries a wide selection of novelty mailboxes including:

  • Bird shaped novelty mailboxes for bird lovers
  • Cat and dog novelty mailboxes for those that love domestic pets
  • Farm animal novelty mailboxes
  • Fish and lure shaped novelty mailboxes
  • Vehicle shaped mailboxes including truck, tractor, car, airplane, and train mailbox shapes
  • Lighthouse and boat shaped mailboxes
  • Plus so many more!

Consider the interests and hobbies of your gift recipient and order them a novelty mailbox that perfectly suits their interests and upon opening says, “You are going to love this gift!”

Order One of Our Unique Holiday Gift Ideas Today!

For nearly three decades The MailboxWorks has been servicing homeowners and businesses across North America with commercial and residential mailboxes, plus drop boxes, address plaques, and home and garden products. We also ship to virtually everywhere in the continental United States.

If you are looking for other unique holiday gift ideas or wish to speak with our mailbox experts, please call us toll free at 1-866-717-4943 or send us an email.

Visit our “Gift Ideas” page for more helpful suggestions for the holiday seasons!


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