The Top Three Elite and Unique Curbside Mailbox Designs

May 15, 2013

For homeowners that desire to place an exclamation mark on the renovation or new purchase of their home, there’s no better option than the purchase of expertly designed Post Mount Curbside Mailboxes.

Often this one purchase of a curbside mailbox with a post not only signals the prestige of one’s home but also the care and concern one has for their guests as curbside mailboxes are often the first impression every visitor has of one’s home.  To assist buyers of these unique residential curbside mailboxes, MailboxWorks provides regular updates on innovative and unique curbside mailbox designs.

Most Popular Curbside Mailboxes

This season, the top three curbside mailboxes most in demand include:

  1. Bobi Grande locking curbside mailbox
  2. Vega stainless steel locking curbside mailbox
  3. Amco New Orleans curbside mailbox

Bobi Grande Front Post Mount MailboxBobi Grande Locking Curbside Mailbox

Leading the unique parade of elite curbside mailbox designs at The MailboxWorks are the Finnish-made Bobi Grande Post Mount Mailboxes with Bobi Round Post.  These residential curbside mailboxes are available in both front side and rear side mail retrieval access. And these curbside mailboxes are constructed of either stainless steel or zinc plated steel covered with a polyester coating (depending on the model and finish selected).  Both materials utilized in the mailbox design are 1mm thick with double layers at the mailbox corners for top-quality strength.

And not only is this locking curbside mailbox highly attractive, but it also does an excellent job at thwarting mail theft.  A cylinder lock secures the mail access door.  Plus, long vacation mail capacities are no issue for these curbside mailboxes as they easily accommodate a week’s worth of mail.  Available in four finishes (black with stainless steel, white with stainless steel, grey with stainless steel, and all stainless steel) these unique locking curbside mailboxes are produced in small numbers, ensuring your new Bobi mailbox is one-of-a-kind in your neighborhood.

European Home Vega Post Mount MailboxVega Stainless Steel Locking Curbside Mailbox

Designed and crafted by modernist Belgian artisans, the Vega Stainless Steel Locking Post Mount Mailbox is an extraordinarily elite curbside mailbox design that sets the tone for one’s entire estate.  Constructed with marine-grade .08” AISI 316 stainless steel, these stunning curbside mailboxes not only catch the eye but also elegantly resist both weather and mail thieves.

Featuring modern, clean lines and a satin-brushed finish, these unique locking curbside mailboxes are a designer favorite.  The high-quality Abloy security lock and large capacity mean homeowners not only have a fashionable locking mailbox, but also one that can secure one’s mail during vacation periods.

Amco New Orleans Curbside Mailbox

For a fleur-de-lis adorned reflection of the French Quarter, consider the elegant options available on the curbside mailboxes entitled Amco New Orleans.  This elegant curbside mailbox design features a fleur-de-lis that any French admirer would enjoy (as well as the sophisticated New Orleans Saints NFL fan).

This elite curbside mailbox also features a finely detailed, French-curl designed, surface mount mailbox post that is sure to draw your neighborhood’s eye.  Available in desert bronze, earth tone, khaki, patina, and stone, these decorative curbside mailboxes match nearly any architectural scheme.

The Amco New Orleans Mailbox and Post is constructed of cast aluminum and includes both a convenient magnetic door catch for mail retrieval and a red signal flag to flip up, to signal the mail carrier that outgoing mail is inside the mailbox.

Additionally, an address plaque can easily be added to these curbside mailboxes and affixed prominently and beautifully to the mailbox top.  The mailbox address plaque can be customized to your address with gold vinyl lettering designed to withstand the elements.

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