Emerging Trends Among Post Mount and Wall Mount Residential Mailboxes

February 20, 2013 2:57 pm

While Residential Mailboxes are common to each of America’s homes today, the historical accounts of the United States Postal Service record that residential mail delivery did not begin until 1863. And for more than 50 years, most postal carriers politely knocked on each home’s door and patiently waited for someone to answer and receive their mail.

It was not until the latter part of the 18th century, that Americans were encouraged to mount residential mailboxes to help increase the efficiency and speed of mail delivery. The first of America’s residential mailboxes was erected on the corner of Lewis Road and Boxtree Road (near the Hamptons). It must have seemed quite novel to the well-heeled residents of this Long Island resort town. Yet today, residential mailboxes are absolutely ubiquitous and in this article, we’ll introduce three of the emerging trends among residential mailboxes:

  1. Solar Powered Residential Post Mount Mailboxes
  2. Cutting Edge Contemporary Wall Mount Mailboxes
  3. Handcrafted Residential Mailboxes

Brightlight Solutions Solar Mail Mailbox PostSolar Mail Mailbox and Post

The first trend among residential mailboxes is represented by The MailboxWork’s solar mailboxes, the Brightlight Solutions Solar Mail Mailbox and Post. This innovative mailbox features a solar-powered, LED-lit mailbox address panel on the mailbox post that provides easy identification of your home’s location to friends, family, and emergency vehicles.

And it matters not which direction your guests arrive to your home. These innovative residential post mount mailboxes have solar powered illuminated address panels on three sides of the mailbox post.

Like many post mount mailboxes available today, these state-of-the-art residential mailboxes are constructed of cast aluminum, which is powder-coated to provide long-lasting protection against even the harshest elements. And homeowners can purchase these residential post mount mailboxes customized with their solar powered address numbers at no additional fee.

Bobi Grande Front Post Mount MailboxContemporary Residential Wall Mount Mailboxes

The second trend among residential mailboxes is exemplified by The MailboxWork’s Bobi Grande Front Access Residential Mailboxes.

These unique, European residential wall mount mailboxes are now lauded among style-minded homeowners in North America as the pinnacle in cutting edge contemporary wall mount mailbox design.

Crafted by a Finnish design firm, these residential wall mount mailboxes are constructed of thick, 1mm steel and feature double-layers of steel at the corners for increased strength.

These secure residential mailboxes not only look great but they also deter mail and identity theft as one’s mail is secured by a locking access door. Larger than most residential mailboxes, the MailboxWorks’ Bobi will hold up to a week’s worth of mail and easily accommodates large envelopes and magazines.

Handcrafted Residential Mailbox Design

While The MailboxWork’s Bobi mailbox is unmistakably contemporary and new, the third trend in residential mailboxes is handcrafted to look like it has been in front of your residence for decades.

The MailboxWork’s Waterglass Studios Handmade Copper Residential Mailboxes with cedar posts pay homage to the time-honored traditions of elegance, simplicity and high-quality craftsmanship.

Constructed from copper and deliberately oxidized and hand burnished, these residential post mount mailboxes are all unique and yet look as though they have been in front of your home for dozens of years. Unlike many post mount mailboxes, these natural looking residential mailboxes are available with a smooth sawn red cedar post that is available in three styles:

  1. Standard Mailbox Post
  2. Standard post with a newspaper box
  3. Deluxe style mailbox post with fine details

Whether one is seeking unique, modern or custom traditional residential mailboxes, the place to find all residential post mount or wall mount mailboxes, trendy or not, is The MailboxWorks, the nation’s leading retailer of residential mailboxes.

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