Top Four Fish Mailboxes of All Time

September 13, 2017 10:23 am

A fish shaped mailbox makes the perfect gift for the man (or woman) in your life that loves to go fishing. Our top novelty fish mailbox options are extraordinary residential mailboxes that are fashioned after popular fish and fishing lures.

In this article, the mailbox experts at The Mailboxworks discuss our top four picks for a post mount fish shaped mailbox including:

  • Fire Tiger Fishing Lure Mailbox
  • River’s Edge Catfish Mailbox
  • Baby Bass Lure Mailbox by River’s Edge
  • Woodendipity Catfish Mailbox

Woodendipity Style Catfish Novelty Mailbox#4 – Woodendipity Catfish Mailbox

Fourth in line of our top fish shaped mailbox is the catfish mailbox by Woodendipity. This novelty catfish mailbox has a contoured body of three quarter inch, rough-sawn, textured cedar designed to mimic the scaling of a Catfish. The fish mailbox is painted to look like a Catfish and features distinctive catfish like hand carvings along with realistic Catfish whiskers. As a post mount novelty mailbox, this is a trophy size catch for the fishing enthusiast in your life. The artistic catfish shaped body is then placed over a standard USPS approved post mount mailbox and mounted on a wooden base plate. The base plate will help to make mounting this fish shaped mailbox to a post a little easier. The Woodendipity catfish mailbox is also coated with a protective polyurethane varnish to ensure this unique novelty mailbox can be displayed and utilized for many years to come.

Baby Bass Lure Novelty Mailbox#3 – Baby Bass Fish Shaped Mailbox by River’s Edge

The MailboxWorks third most popular choice for a novelty post mount fish mailbox is the River’s Edge Baby Bass Lure mailbox. It is painted in a dark green along the top (back) of the fish lure mailbox and features an exposed off-white belly. Freshwater fisherman will love this endearing depiction of a large mouth baby bass fishing lure. The body is constructed of high impact polyethylene, which is electronically welded at the seams to enhance the durability of the fish mailbox. These post mount, River’s Edge Baby Bass Lure mailboxes are designed to fit a standard four by four mailbox post (not included). The novelty mailbox also comes with tamper proof mounting screws to mount the fish mailbox to a post. As well, a special UV protection is applied to the mailbox exterior to prevent fading in harsh sun conditions.

Catfish Novelty Mailbox#2 – River’s Edge Catfish Mailbox

The post mount Rivers Edge Catfish mailbox is the second most popular novelty fish shaped mailbox. It is also constructed of high impact polyethylene with electronically welded seams for increased durability. This is a unique fishing lure mailbox with a catfish design that has a very realistic look. The mouth of the fish mailbox functions as the mailbox door. It tilts down to reveal the mailbox’s interior. This fish shaped mailbox has a realistic look with a dark greenish brown back that is perfectly paired with the pale tummy and pink mouth. This mailbox mimics the look of an actual catfish. The River’s Edge Catfish mailbox is designed for mounting on a four by four post and comes complete with tamper proof screws (post needs to be purchased separately if needed). This novelty catfish mailbox also has a special UV coating applied to fish mailbox exterior and is designed to provide years of protection against fading.

Firetiger Lure Novelty Mailbox#1 – Fire Tire Fishing Lure Mailbox

Our number one choice for a novelty fish shaped mailbox here at The MailboxWorks is the Fire Tiger Fishing Lure mailbox. A fan favorite, the post mount Fire Tiger Lure mailbox is the most popular choice for fishing enthusiasts. This River’s Edge fishing lure mailbox is made of high impact polyethylene with special electronically welded seams for improved, long-lasting life. The fish mailbox is covered with a special anti-fade UV protection process. You will also be supplied with tamper-proof screws. The post mount Fire Tiger Lure mailbox can be mounted on an existing post or on a new standard four by four post.

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