Helix Spira Stainless Steel Mailbox Design Features

August 2, 2016

A Good Buy in Fine Contemporary Mailbox Design

The Spira stainless steel mailbox options we carry provide the most economical choice among contemporary and modern mailboxes. In fact, The MailboxWorks carries both the post mount and wall mount Helix Spira mailbox, offering the sleek curves of modernity with an extraordinary degree of affordable functionality.

Helix Spira Locking Wall Mount MailboxesSpira Wall Mount Mailbox

The residential Spira wall mailbox is fashioned along a sweeping arc of rustproof heavy gauge stainless steel. This arced stainless steel mailbox design provides the capacity for large correspondence with the convenience of low space utilization in areas with tight mounting spaces.

For mounting locations that are not sheltered, the arced design of this wall mount mailbox easily sheds water to ensure your delivered mail stays protected from the elements such as rain, sleet, and snow.

Mailbox Finishes – Available in two finishes (a lustrous stainless steel or a glossy black powder coat finish), the Spira wall mount mailbox provides an excellent match to nearly any outdoor contemporary décor.

Lockable Mailbox – Additionally, this Spira mailbox also comes equipped with a centrally located cylinder lock and two sets of keys to help secure your mail from identity theft and mail thieves.

Installation Hardware – The Spira wall mailbox is also packaged with installation hardware and at only six pounds, its lightweight design is easy to lift and install on any surface.

Spira Stainless Steel Post Mount Mailbox

Helix Spira Post Mount MailboxFor curbside mail delivery, the decorative Spira post mount mailbox radiates contemporary design for any homeowner seeking to punctuate their home’s décor at the curb. Constructed by the Helix Designs group, this Spira stainless steel mailbox is fabricated from one-millimeter thick, rustproof, heavy gauge stainless steel.

Due to its clever oval shape, the Spira postbox mailbox quickly sluffs off snow and rain and prevents any passersby from using the top of the mailbox as a perch for soda cans or other such items.

Dual Compartments – The artfully simple construction of a curved oval stainless steel mailbox not only creates a durable structure designed to last for ages but its dual compartments also provide significant volume for mail delivery. The sealed upper interior space easily allows your mail, magazines, and periodicals to be delivered without being folded or crushed while the lower, sheltered interior space allows for easy newspaper delivery.

Mailbox Finish and Size – Available in two contemporary finishes (an onyx black powder coat over stainless steel or a shimmering stainless steel finish) and two sizes (small and large), the Spira post mount mailbox is a fantastic design choice for today’s modern homes.

Mailbox Flag – Mounted alongside the side of the Spira postbox mailbox is a red flag that when flicked upright signals your postal carrier that you have outgoing mail to be picked up.

Mailbox Door – A curved, stainless steel colored handle mimics the curve of the Spira mailbox roof and makes it easy to open and close the mailbox door to the sealed upper interior space.

Mailbox Address Plate – As an accessory, the optional mailbox address plate mounts beneath the Spira mailbox and can display your home’s address with as many as five 4” cast aluminum numbers.

Visit The Mailboxworks online to see our full line of stainless steel mailboxes. To find out more or to order either the post mount or wall mount Spira mailbox call our mailbox experts toll free at 1-866-717-4943.

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