Special Lite Town Square Curbside Mailboxes

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Town Square Mailbox Bradford PostPost Mount Mailbox Complements Architecture of Most Homes

One of the challenges homeowners face in purchasing a residential post mount mailbox for their home is finding a style, color, and finish that are complementary to their home’s architecture.

For homeowners facing such challenges, the experts at The MailboxWorks, the nation’s leading supplier of curbside mailboxes, suggest the Special Lite Town Square curbside mailbox with Bradford mailbox post.

In fact, there are three distinct reasons why the Special Lite Town Square mailboxes are designed to complement nearly any home’s architecture:

  1. Architectural Styling
  2. Color Availability
  3. Each Mailbox is Hand Finished Making It Unique

Composite of 3 Architectural Styles

First, Special Lite post mount mailboxes feature an attractive mélange of three architectural styles.  This architectural composite features:

  1. Strong lines to complement modern homes
  2. Fluted roman column mailbox posts that highlight traditional architecture
  3. Swiss arched roof that not only sheds snow and rain but also works excellently with transitional architecture

Available in Many Different Colors

Second, the Special Lite Town Square mailboxes with Bradford posts offer one of the most varied color palates. Curated by design professionals, the Town Square’s fourteen color finishes will complement nearly any residential design motif.

Homeowners can choose from four customary mailbox finishes such as black, white, gunmetal and Swedish silver.  Or, homeowners can select one of nine global earth-tone finishes such as burgundy, champagne, copper, evergreen, frosted umber, hand rubbed bronze, mocha, textured beige, and Verde green.  A white and gold textured mailbox finish is also available.

Every Special Lite Mailbox is Unique

Third, because each Special Lite Town Square curbside mailbox is hand-finished, every homeowner can be assured their post mount mailbox will be distinct from all neighboring mailboxes.

In addition to these three distinct reasons why the Town Square mailboxes complement nearly every architectural design, these mailboxes also feature a long-lasting industrial durability.

Crafted from solid cast aluminum and powder coated for maintenance free enjoyment, these Special Lite post mount Town Square mailboxes are impervious to rust and are designed to last for ages.

And to thwart identity and mail theft, Special Lite Town Square curbside mailboxes are also available with a mailbox insert that locks and protects incoming mail from the hands of vandals and thieves.

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