Why Floral Mailbox with Bradford Post is a Perfect Ten

September 6, 2016

Special Lite Traditional Post Mount Mailbox

If you are a homeowner that appreciates fine design details and you want to avoid the stark industrial look of function over form, the Special Lite Floral Mailbox with Bradford Post is an excellent choice.

Combining form and function in what could be called “The Perfect Ten,” this Special Lite traditional post mount mailbox is available online at The Mailboxworks and boasts:

  • 5 elegant design features
  • 5 top-of-the-line functions

Special Lite Floral Mailbox Bradford PostFloral Mailbox Design Features

Design #1 – Embossed Ivy Leaves – This elegant design feature, embossed ivy leaves and vines, adorns both the mailbox door and both sides, to transform the post mount mailbox into a work of art.

Design #2 – Mailbox Door Pull – The second unique design feature is the clever manner in which the two deeply embossed ivy leaves cross at the top of the post mount mailbox door. Layering the two ivy leaves not only creates a three-dimensional design element but also provides a handy door pull to open the mailbox door.

Design #3 – Door Porch Roof – With just a subtle widening of the Special Lite Floral Mailbox roofline near the top of mailbox door, the protruding arch creates an overhanging porch roof that not only helps keep out the elements but also pulls one’s eye to the mailbox door.

Design #4 – 12 Hand Finished Color Choices – From standard black and white to metallic finishes such as copper, gun metal, hand rubbed bronze, and Swedish silver, the twelve color finishes of the Special Lite Floral mailbox will match practically any décor.  Even hard to find finishes such as burgundy, evergreen, Verde green, frosted umber, mocha and champagne color can be selected.

Design #5 – Bradford Mailbox Post – The pairing of the Special Lite Floral mailbox with the elegant Bradford Post is a work of art in and of itself. This mailbox post features a wrap around sculptured base kit with a two-tiered column rising from the ground to meet the bottom of the Special Lite Floral mailbox. The first tier consists of a wide fluted column that stretches halfway up the post followed by a narrower unfluted post that meets the mailbox. The sculpted base covers any intersection with the ground and gives off a very estate-looking impression.

Floral Mailbox Functionality Features

The Special Lite Floral mailbox is not only pleasing to the eye however, it also provides some of the most sought after functionality in post mount mailboxes.  Consider these five great residential mailbox features:

Function #1 – Maintenance Free – Since the Floral mailbox is constructed of solid, powder coated, cast aluminum material and hand finished in your choice of color, it is not only rust-proof but also virtually maintenance free. The Special Lite Floral mailbox and Bradford post are designed to endure the elements and requires no special up keeping. Even the mailbox door hinge body is rust proof!

Function #2 – Magnetic Door Catch – This feature is a godsend. The ingenious magnetic mailbox door catch keeps the Special Lite Floral mailbox door securely closed and regardless of the weather, won’t fall open and let rain or snow damage your mail. Although strong enough to keep the mailbox door shut, it can still be opened by a child family member.

Function #3 – Large Mailbox Size – With a 1750 cubic inch capacity, the Floral mailbox interior measures 20 inches deep by 10 inches tall, and eight and three quarter inches wide, which is an ample size to hold far more than just a day’s mail.

Special Lite Locking InsertFunction #4 – Two Door Mailbox System – The optional back door, available on the Floral post mount mailbox, is something that is not often found on most residential curbside mailboxes. This double-door system allows mail to be safely retrieved from the back of the mailbox, so you don’t have to step out into a busy street to retrieve your mail.

Function #5 – Locking Mailbox Insert Option – This Special Lite post mount mailbox can also be ordered with a locking mailbox insert, designed to keep your mail safe and secure from mail and identity theft.

With all ten of these unique design elements and functions, it is easy to see why The MailboxWork’s Special Lite Floral mailbox with Bradford post could be called a “Perfect Ten.”

If you have a question or would like more information on the curbside Floral mailbox, contact our residential mailbox experts toll free at 1-866-717-4943. See all our residential post mount mailboxes here.


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