The Distinctive Edge of Solid Copper House Numbers

December 1, 2014 9:36 pm

Majestic Copper Address House NumbersWise homeowner’s understand that their house address numbers are one of the first impressions their guests and neighbors have of their home since it is the first thing they look for when approaching the home.  And when it comes to making a great first impression, large copper house numbers are an outstanding choice.

Copper address numbers for your house can distinguish your home from the ordinary and mundane because of their intrinsic elegance and their practical resistance to corrosion from the elements.

Durability of Copper House Numbers

For homes along the seashore where saltwater elements are endured and often corrode home accessories over time, solid copper house numbers are an excellent choice as it resists corrosion in its very essence.

Additionally, copper house numbers are uniquely useful in applications where the copper address numbers may be physically touched from time to time, such as at hospitals, nursing homes, elementary schools, or homes where elderly and children are present, as the antimicrobial properties in copper reduce the transfer of germs and disease.

Brushed Satin & Copper Patina House Numbers

Brushed Satin Address Numbers – You can purchase 5 inch or 8 inch brushed satin copper address numbers online from The MailboxWorks that are doubly protected by the 100% purity of the solid copper in their construction plus the UV stable clear coat applied over the copper address numbers to help it keep its sheen.

Patina Address Numbers – For homeowners desiring the rustic natural look of patina, The MailboxWorks also carries 5 inch and 8 inch copper patina house numbers that weather to a beautiful and unique verde finish over time. These large copper house numbers have an oxidized, pre-aged patina and the UV finish is simply not applied, allowing the 100% copper material to patina even further with time, to attain additional character with a natural finish.

Aged patina and brushed satin copper house numbers offer excellent choices for homeowners who want to achieve the refined look of old wealth in their modern copper house address numbers.

Mounting & Lighting Copper House Numbers

All of the large, solid copper house numbers available from The MailboxWorks can be mounted directly to the surface or mounted “3D style” by using short standoffs.

For visibility at night, a solar lamp is available that allows light to be directed at your copper house address numbers in the evenings.  Because these light sources are solar-powered, they can be placed anywhere that light is needed, as there’s no need for electrical wiring or batteries (that would need constant replacing).

If you are investing in copper house numbers, this inexpensive solar light source allows your guests, as well as emergency response vehicles, to find your home regardless of whether the need occurs in daytime or nighttime hours.


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