The Security and Convenience of CBU Mailboxes

July 23, 2013

Florence 8 Door CBU MailboxResidential CBU Mailboxes

CBU mailboxes are used ubiquitously for residential mail delivery to:

  • Multi-family dwellings
  • Apartment buildings
  • Duplex and triplex-type buildings
  • Military housing complexes
  • Universities and college dorms

Commercial CBU Mailboxes

CBU Commercial Mailboxes are officially licensed by the United States Postal Service and are used for commercial mail delivery to business offices and industrial complexes.

Constructed of heavy duty extruded aluminum with expertly-welded seams and stainless steel hinges (which wrap around for 360 degrees of protection), commercial CBU cluster mailboxes are designed with mail theft protection in mind and are widely considered the most secure outdoor mail and parcel delivery units available in the world.

CBU Mailbox Features

The rivetless construction and rustproof, powder coat finish on the exterior of the CBU mailboxes creates a protective barrier to seal out the harsh elements of both cold and hot weather.

These CBU mailboxes are not only secure but also a great time saver for busy tenants who don’t have time to drop off mail or pick up small packages at the Post Office since they feature:

  • An outgoing mail slot for tenant convenience
  • And at least one parcel delivery locker

The durable tenant doors are secured with 5-pin cam locks to protect tenants against both mail theft and subsequent identity theft.

And three keys are provided for each tenant mailbox door so that property management can retain one key for easy reproduction in case a tenant loses the other two keys issued for their convenience.

Parcel door lockers are equipped with USPS approved locks, which allow the postal carrier to place the key of a parcel locker in tenant’s mailbox when a package is delivered, and to retrieve the key once the tenant picks up his or her mail.

MailboxWorks CBU Mailboxes are available in four standard sizes:

  1. 8 door CBU mailboxes
  2. 12 door CBU mailboxes
  3. 13 door CBU mailboxes
  4. 16 door CBU mailboxes

The 16 door CBU mailboxes come with two parcel lockers instead of one.

Six color finishes to coordinate with nearly any design scheme are also available and include black, dark bronze, forest green, white, postal grey and quick-ship sandstone.

Other CBU Mailbox Options

For architecturally pleasing mailbox options, MailboxWorks CBU mailboxes are also available with two styles of decorative accessories:

  1. A softened rounded base with arching roof and finial
  2. Or a fluted column base with crown molding finished roof

Both mailbox accessories are easy to install and are available in all six colors for precise matching.

Additional customization of CBU mailboxes can be added through one of several tenant mailbox door identification plates styles:

  1. Standard number silver placards
  2. Custom silver placards
  3. Engraved identification with no fill
  4. Engraved identification with black fill
  5. Or engraved with white fill

For property managers or developers who wish to provide an even greater level of security and protection, all CBU mailboxes are available with an Extra High Security option to protect against vandalism and mail theft.

Deftly designed and constructed of a thicker aluminum cabinet, USPS tamper-resistant bolts, gate crossbars with heavy reinforcement and a protective collar around each tenant’s mail compartment lock, these Extra High Security CBU mailboxes have no peer and are fully approved by the US Postmaster.


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