The Regal Look of Wrought Iron In Cast Aluminum Mailboxes

January 17, 2012

Imperial 311 Mailbox SystemOne of the fine architectural distinctions of many stately homes around the world is the tasteful use of ornamental iron.  Whether used as a decorative fence, lamppost, doorknocker or mailbox, adorning one’s home with ornamental decorative iron work makes a robust statement about one’s affinity for old world refinement.  And at the same time, it communicates to passersby a stout view of the estate’s stability and strength.

Yet ornamental cast iron does present challenges, especially when you consider maintenance, installation and procurement issues.  Iron’s density and heft creates shipping challenges and its propensity to oxidize and stain adjacent surfaces such as concrete or wood mean regular preventative maintenance.  And even installation charges skyrocket because the heavy cast iron material simply requires more laborers to navigate the installation process.

In the world of decorative cast mailboxes, the solution has been the strategic use of light weight rust-free aluminum as a substitute material for cast iron.  By casting the aluminum in the style of wrought iron and covering the aluminum in high quality enamel paint or powder coating it, cast mailbox manufacturers have created an ornamental iron look for their Residential Mailboxes without the accompanying drawbacks.  The resulting cast aluminum mailboxes capture the beauty of the old world look of wrought iron at a fraction of the weight and without the tedious maintenance issues.

Wrought iron looking cast aluminum mailboxes are available for all major residential mailbox types including:

  • Post mount cast aluminum mailboxes
  • Wall mount cast aluminum mailboxes
  • And cast aluminum pedestal mailboxes

Iron looking cast aluminum post mount mailboxes (also called curbside mailboxes) highlight both the beauty of a wrought iron mailbox as well as the elegance of the accompanying wrought iron mailbox post.

The MailboxWork’s line of Imperial Post Mount Mailboxes provides a wide variety of wrought iron post mounted mailbox choices.  If one is seeking an ornamental iron mailbox that matches the existing architecture of one’s home, consider the following Imperial mailboxes:

  • The Imperial 119 mailbox and post
  • Imperial 188 mailbox and post
  • Imperial 227 mailbox and post
  • Imperial 331 mailbox and post
  • Imperial 631 mailbox and post
  • Imperial 719 mailbox and post
  • Or the Imperial 888 mailbox and post

All of the wrought iron looking Imperial cast aluminum mailboxes offer a variety of old world finish choices including the standard wrought iron black finish.

AMCO Victorian Pedestal Locking MailboxAdditionally, the MailboxWork’s line of Amco Post Mount Mailboxes offers additional choices with ornamental iron styling such as the New Orleans mailbox and post or the Victorian mailbox and post.  The MailboxWork’s Special Lite brand also produces wrought iron style cast aluminum mailboxes.  Consider Special Lite’s Traditional mailbox with Fresno post or the Boulevard mailbox with Fresno post or the Boulevard mailbox with Bradford post.

If one is seeking a wall-mounted cast aluminum mailbox constructed to match ornamental iron architecture, consider the Victorian locking wall mount mailbox; the Ecco 6 locking wall mount mailbox; the Colonial locking wall mount mailbox; or the Victoria vertical wall mount mailbox.  All four of these residential cast aluminum mailboxes can be purchased in a palette of colors that mimic the finish of ornamental iron.

Pedestal and column-mounted cast aluminum mailboxes in the finish of ornamental iron architecture are also available.  The Manchester decorative column mount mailbox fits nicely in any masonry, brick or rock column and is available in a variety of finishes and with unique architectural flourishes.   The Ecco 8 Victorian Tower mailbox is similar but offers the entire column in an ornamental iron finish rather than the insert only.  The Ecco 8’s stately style features ornamental iron finishes on all four sides of the column and is perfect for walk up mail delivery service.

In addition to the MailboxWorks’ Ecco 8 and Manchester inserts, pedestal mounted cast aluminum mailboxes in an ornamental iron finish are also available.  Consider The MailboxWork’s Amco brand, which produces the Victorian pedestal mailbox and the Colonial pedestal locking mailbox.

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