Choosing the Perfect Home Address Plaque: Tips & Tricks

July 7, 2014

Whitehall Arch Marker Address PlaqueCommonplace and ordinary by the very nature of their function, home address plaques are often overlooked in the process of enhancing the curb appeal of one’s home. Yet savvy homeowners know that address number plaques are one of the first design choices that every guest notices.

One prominent chief executive officer reflects, “When I invite employees or clients over to my home for dinner, my first concern is ‘Can they find my home?’” He continues, “Yet right on the heels of that concern is ‘When they drive slowly down the street looking for my home address, how well do my address plaques (I use two) greet them?’”

It is highly likely that your address plaque will be the very first part of your home that every guest will see.  So choosing the perfect yard address sign or wall mount address plaque among the hundreds of available address plaques is crucial to making a great first impression at your home.

In this article, the experts at The MailboxWorks provide three key secrets to finding the perfect address plaques for your residence:

  1. Having multiple address number plaques
  2. Where your address plaques are located
  3. Distance and size of the address numbers

Consider Multiple Address Plaques

The first secret to finding the perfect home address plaques is to consider installing multiple address number plaques at your home. When choosing your address plaques, many options are available including:

  • Wall mounted address plaques
  • House numbers and letters
  • Lawn address signs
  • Illuminated address plaques
  • Reflective address plaques

The experts at The MailboxWorks indicate that many homeowners forget that traffic flows in two directions.

In order for your address numbers to be seen as your guests arrive from either direction, it is best to utilize at least two address plaques to ensure both directions have adequate visibility.

Homeowners who are considering mounting a single address plaque perpendicular to their street should carefully weigh the impact of that decision upon their guest’s safety as guests who have to suddenly slow down on a busy road risk being rear-ended by the following driver.

Additionally, guests who must alter their view to scan the sides of the road may find their need to glance sideways at odds with their ability to continue to drive forward safely.

Where to Place Your Address Plaques

The second secret to finding the perfect home address plaques is simply to consider the mounting location of your address plaques in both daytime and evening hours.

If your desired location greets the morning or evening sun, you’ll want to choose address plaques with matte surfaces to avoid the glare of the reflected sun.

Additionally, if your desired location is devoid of any lighting in the evening or night hours, you’ll want to consider address plaques that are either illuminated or backlit. The other option is to mount landscaping lighting to ensure your new address plaques are visible at night.

While one may want to dismiss this suggestion, ensuring that all address plaques are lighted is simply crucial for emergency vehicles that may be responding to a medical emergency, a fire, or security problem at your residence.

Simply put, your life may depend on the visibility of your address number plaques.

How Easy Is It to See Your Address Plaques?

The third secret to selecting the perfect address plaques for your home is to calculate the distance between the location of your address plaques and the first spot your guests can safely see them.

This distance will inform your choice as to the proper size of the address plaques’ numbers. To choose the right height for your address numbers, the experts at The MailboxWorks suggest a simple solution:  add a zero to the numeral’s height to properly understand the distance that the address number may be read from.

For example, a 4” tall numeral on address plaques can be safely read at a distance of 40 feet.  A 6” tall numeral on address number plaques can be safely read at a distance of 60 feet. And so on.

Remember, the very purpose of your home address plaques depend on your ability to ensure your address number can be read at the speed your guests are traveling when locating your home.

For example, when billboard designers want to communicate to truckers who are traveling 70 mph down the freeway, they must carefully consider size of letters, font style, and contrast between the letters or numbers and their background.

Simply put, they must ensure the sign is readable.  And your choice of address plaques must consider that very trait as well.

If the font style of your home address plaque is too unique, you may have to reconsider your font choice or choose a much larger size than a standard font so that it is easily readable at a distance, since legibility impacts readability.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure your home address plaques have enough contrast between their background and the address numbers themselves.

This is especially crucial when one chooses to avoid utilizing address plaques for simple house numbers mounted on the surface of the home or outdoor post.  If the address numbers do not have enough contrast, your guests may get lost or be delayed.

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