Increase the Number of Mailbox Parcel Lockers on your CBU Mailboxes and Watch Tenant Retention Rates Soar

June 4, 2013

Florence 1570T6 CBU MailboxFor builders, developers, and property managers who want to accommodate tenants who have higher than average mailbox package delivery rates, installing commercial CBU mailboxes that have only one mailbox parcel locker may not be adequate enough to service their tenant needs.

CBU’s with Multiple Mailbox Parcel Lockers

Because every inconvenience can be a drag on tenant retention rates, profit oriented developers and property managers should consider CBU mailboxes that have multiple mailbox parcel delivery options such as The MailboxWork’s innovative 8 door CBU mailboxes with 4 parcel lockers by Florence Mailboxes.

1 Mailbox Parcel Locker for Every 2 Tenants

By allowing for one mailbox parcel locker for every two tenants instead of one mailbox parcel locker for every eight tenants (as the standard 16 door CBU mailboxes offer), the wise property manager or developer is significantly improving mailbox parcel delivery for their tenants.

And with the rise of small businesses and home-based businesses, the ability to receive multiple mailbox parcel delivery can often be a mission critical component that can distinguish your property from competitors. This is especially true in complexes that utilize centralized mail delivery stations like CBU cluster mailboxes

8 Door CBU Mailbox Features

The MailboxWork’s innovative 8 door CBU mailboxes with 4 parcel lockers provides an attractive solution that still allows a significant number of tenant mailbox doors to be placed in the cluster box unit along with the four mailbox parcel delivery lockers.

The eight horizontal tenant doors are arranged vertically along the left side of the commercial CBU mailboxes above the first large parcel mailbox locker.  The remaining three mailbox parcel delivery lockers are arranged vertically along the right side of the CBU mailboxes.

Theft and Vandal Proof

The MailboxWork’s multiple mailbox parcel locker design makes it simple for tenants to receive packages without theft or vandalism concerns.

The postal carriers simply open the CBU mailboxes front panel to deliver the mail and packages all at once. Then, for each tenant that receives a package, the carrier simply places the key for the numbered parcel locker into the tenant’s mailbox, along with the tenant’s mail.

When the tenant picks up their mail, they utilize the special mailbox parcel locker key (which is numbered to correspond with the parcel locker that has that tenant’s package) to open the mailbox parcel locker and retrieve their packages.

The special parcel locker key is designed to remain in the mailbox parcel locker after it is used.  This way, there are no lost parcel locker keys.

8 Door CBU Mailbox Numbering

Like The MailboxWork’s standard CBU Mailboxes, the tenant-favorite 8 door CBU mailboxes with 4 parcel lockers can be numbered in a variety of ways beyond the standard silver placards affixed to the outside of each tenant door, and numbered one to eight.

The silver placards can be numbered in any fashion with up to three numbers per placard.

For developers who want an engraved look, the CBU mailbox doors can be numbered with up to 18 engraved characters and either left unfilled or filled with white or black paint.

Includes Shielded Outgoing Mail Slot

And like all The MailboxWorks standard CBU mailboxes, the special innovative 8 door CBU mailboxes with 4 mailbox parcel lockers comes with a shielded outgoing mail slot that provides a convenient way for your tenants to send mail without making a trip to the post office.


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