Locking Wall Mount Mailboxes with Newspaper Holders

August 30, 2016

Tough to Find Modern Mailboxes with a Unique Place to Hold Your Paper!

As a homeowner with walk-up mail delivery, if you don’t already have it or if you are looking to upgrade, you may be looking for a modern wall mount mailbox that is not only a secure locking mailbox but also one that has a convenient newspaper holder.

Providing your paper carrier with a place to put your newspaper is a great idea and will also keep your newspaper protected and safe from the elements.

The MailboxWorks is the nation’s leading retailer of residential mailboxes and offers two modern, yet rare versions of the metal mailbox with newspaper holder; both designed by European Home:

  1. Good News Wall Mount Mailbox
  2. Jensen Wall Mount Mailbox

Good News Wall Mount MailboxGood News Wall Mount Mailbox

European Home’s Good News wall mount mailbox features one of the cleverest newspaper holders ever designed.

The newspaper holder is an integral part of the mailbox and is located between the back of the mailbox and the wall it is mounted upon. The newspaper holder also runs the full length of the wall mount mailbox so even larger newspapers and magazines can be easily accommodated and protected.

Additionally, the fine satin brush stainless steel finish of the Good News mailbox beautifully complements most home architectural motifs.

Designed and constructed in the United States from .03” thick type 304 stainless steel, the rectangular shaped and sloped roof wall mount mailbox excels in both form and function. The locking mechanism upon the mailbox’s front door features a high-quality security lock and comes with two mailbox keys for your convenience.

European Home Jensen Wall Mount MailboxJensen Wall Mount Mailbox

Another great option for a modern, locking, wall mount mailbox with newspaper holder is the Jensen wall mount mailbox by European Home. Jensen mailboxes feature a sweeping north-south curvature in a gleaming stainless steel finish that elegantly catches one’s eye.

Similar to the Good News wall mount mailbox, the Jensen mailbox also utilizes .03” thick type 304 stainless steel design and features a security lock on the mailbox’s front door that opens easily with two supplied keys. Unlike its counterpart, however, the Jensen mailbox newspaper holder is located beneath the wall mount mailbox in a non-circular tube. This location offers ample protection and is still large enough to keep newspapers and magazines protected from the elements.

Many homeowners who have purchased the Jensen wall mount mailbox with newspaper holder comment on its large opening for incoming mail that measures fourteen inches across.  “I like that my Architectural Digest magazines are delivered to me without the damage that folding them and stuffing them in my old mailbox created,” noted one pleased Jensen mailbox buyer.

Visit The Mailboxworks online to see our complete line of Wall Mount Mailboxes. For ordering assistance or if you have a question for our residential mailbox experts, please contact us toll-free at 1-866-717-4943.


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