Set Sail with Nautical Mailboxes: Lighthouse & Sailboat Designs

July 12, 2016

Woodendipity Sailboat Novelty MailboxFor sailing enthusiasts who want to signal their enthusiasm for all things nautical at the curb of their residence, The MailboxWorks offers a collection of nautical themed mailboxes post mount that provides the perfect place to start.

The MailboxWorks, the nation’s leading retailer of residential post mount mailboxes, provides four unique curbside mailboxes that feature stunning nautical themes including:

  1. The Intricately Detailed Double Mast Pinehill Woodcraft Sailboat Mailbox
  2. Woodendipity Style Sailboat Shaped Mailbox
  3. Lighthouse Themed Post Mount Mailbox by More Than a Mailbox
  4. Woodendipity Style Noah’s Ark Novelty Mailbox

Pinehill Woodcraft Double Mast Sailboat Mailbox

Consider Pinehill Woodcraft’s extraordinary rendition of a fine wooden sailboat designed around an approved United States Postal Service size one mailbox. This fine sailboat themed mailbox features two masts that thrust through the top of the mailbox to hoist three triangular white sails. The sailboat hull is crafted of exterior BC plywood that is covered with layer of western cedar and features a red striped bottom, black mid-section and white top.

The sailboat mailbox deck features a white railing and windowed cockpit. Finally, multiple coats of exterior polyurethane are added to provide protection from the elements. As an added option, you can order the sailboat novelty mailbox with your address numbers painted on the hull.

Woodendipity Sailboat Mailbox

For a more artistic representation of a novelty boat mailbox, consider The MailboxWorks’ Woodendipity style sailboat novelty mailbox. Like the Pinehill Woodcraft sailboat above, the Woodendipity sailboat mailbox is also designed around a USPS-approved size one mailbox and crafted of exterior BC plywood layered with western cedar.

The scenic look of the Woodendipity sailboat mailbox is enhanced by an exterior surround of four waves of blue sea water while the details on the sail boat itself feature a singular mast with two white sails. Three portals are featured on the deck’s cockpit and a tiller does double-duty as the handle to open up the mailbox door.

More Than A Mailbox Lighthouse Mailbox

A third mailbox option for sailing and boating enthusiasts is The MailboxWorks’ More Than A Mailbox lighthouse novelty mailbox with a blue sky background. This decorative mailbox is constructed of a rust-resistant steel mailbox with a baked-on enamel finish and augmented with a wood composite material that is designed for outdoor use. The black and white candy-cane striped lighthouse featured on this lighthouse mailbox is similar to the Cape Hatteras lighthouse on the Outer Banks, one of North America’s most recognizable lighthouses.

Woodendipity Noah’s Ark Mailbox

Finally, for Biblically minded boating enthusiasts, The MailboxWorks also carries a Woodendipity Style novelty mailbox in the shape of Noah’s Ark, which is also built upon a USPS-approved size one post mount mailbox with an exterior BC plywood frame covered with layers of western cedar. The Noah’s Ark mailbox features a lined hull with a wood deck full of pairs of handcrafted and painted animals including zebras, tigers, ducks, lions, camel, and more.

Set Sail with Nautical Charm: Explore Our Lighthouse & Sailboat Mailboxes

Enhance your home’s exterior with the maritime elegance of our lighthouse and sailboat nautical mailboxes. Ideal for sea enthusiasts or those aiming to infuse their curb with coastal vibes, these uniquely designed mailboxes add a distinctive touch, celebrating the beauty and adventure of the sea. For a mailbox that captures the essence of the ocean, check out our collection or call us at 1-866-717-4943 for guidance. visit our Unique Mailboxes page.

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