Era Defining Elegance of Imperial Victorian Mailboxes

May 18, 2015

Imperial 888 Mailbox SystemJust north of Montgomery, Alabama, above the curvaceous Alabama River, lies the birthplace of the stunning residential Victorian mailboxes designed and constructed by Imperial Manufacturing.

Brimming with the refined curb appeal, which is most sought after by many of North America’s most distinguished homeowners, Imperial Victorian mailboxes line the streets of numerous golf course communities and resort-style country club conclaves for three key reasons:

  1. They are made from rust free extruded aluminum and cast aluminum
  2. They include authentic distinctive Victorian motifs
  3. They include numerous unique design features

Rust Free Aluminum Victorian Mailboxes

First, Imperial Manufacturing’s residential post mount Victorian mailboxes are crafted from cast aluminum and extruded aluminum, the same high quality materials used in manufacturing high-end patio furniture.

A cast aluminum Victorian mailbox is not only rust free but also will not create the unsightly concrete stains frequently caused by steel or cast iron Victorian mailboxes. Additionally, Imperial’s aluminum Victorian mailboxes are also impervious to insect infestation and rot, which are common issues faced by homeowners of wooden mailboxes and mailbox posts.

The aluminum materials utilized in residential post mount Imperial Victorian mailboxes are component-based so that if one mailbox part needs to be fixed, the entire mailbox does not have be scrapped – only that particular mailbox part need be replaced.

Authentic Victorian Motifs

The second reason Imperial Victorian mailboxes are so revered is because Imperial Manufacturing has remained true to the distinctive ornate motifs of the Victorian era, made famous by the artistically complex designer Charles Eastlake.

Because the barrenness of an unadorned, residential post mount mailbox would be considered to be in poor taste, every surface on Imperial Victorian mailboxes blooms with decorative and distinctive Victorian motifs common to the era. No surface is left untouched.

Additionally, the Victorian mailbox color palate, available to homeowners, also reflects the choices of the Victorian era: almond, white, Verde green, green, bronze, grey, and of course, Victorian’s most elegant of color choices, black.

Flexible Mailbox Design Features

The third reason homeowners love Imperial residential Victorian mailboxes is because Imperial Manufacturing has included a host of unique design features that make these elegant Victorian mailboxes a pleasure to use on a daily basis.

To ensure your home is easy to locate, Imperial post mount Victorian mailboxes can be customized with stunning brass numbers depicting your residential address. These brass address numbers are mounted upon the mailbox address plaque that is included when Imperial Victorian mailboxes are purchased as a complete residential mailbox system.

Additionally, Imperial residential Victorian mailboxes can also be augmented with an optional newspaper holder so that one’s daily news can be kept off the wet grass and gathered with one’s mail, if so desired.

Even the little red mailbox signal flag that communicates to your mail carrier that you have mail to be picked up is cleverly designed.

Imperial Victorian mailbox flags sprout forward horizontally to avoid two common problems:

  1. First, it avoids the “falling flag syndrome” so common to mailboxes with signal flags that swing up vertically.
  2. Second, it eliminates the frustration of trying to reach up above the post mount mailbox and pull out the flag when doing so from one’s vehicle. Imperial Victorian mailbox flags simply slide forward from a lower position that is much easier to reach from the driver’s seat of most automobiles.

Imperial Manufacturing offers a number of unique Victorian post mount mailbox designs, which are all available through North America’s largest online mailbox retailer, The MailboxWorks. Among others, Imperial Victorian mailbox designs include Imperial 311 mailbox, Imperial 119 mailbox and post, Imperial 888 mailbox and post, and the Imperial 631 mailbox and post set.

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