Unique Safe Holiday Gifts: Illuminated Address Plaques

March 26, 2019

QualArc Edgewood Large Lighted Address PlaqueIlluminated address signs are not only unique and personal but they also remind the recipient of your kindness every time they glance at their home address.

One of the most satisfying moments of the holidays is seeing a family member or friend genuinely surprised and thrilled as they open your gift. Why not consider getting them a new reflective or illuminated address plaque.

In a world of re-gifting and drugstore gift card purchases, a thoughtful gift like reflective or illuminated address signs (also called lighted address plaques) are always warmly received.

When you select one of The MailboxWork’s illuminated address signs, you are choosing a truly unique gift that provides convenience, safety, and elegance to your recipient’s home.

Make reflective and illuminated address plaques part of your emergency preparedness. It can provide a high degree of safety in that they assist emergency services and first responders to find your home in the dark.

Reflective and illuminated address signs also look great – something that every homeowner values.

Types of Illuminated Address Signs

While finish and style are certainly strong considerations when selecting a lighted address plaque, one of the most important decisions you will make is how the address sign is illuminated.

You’ll need to decide between one of three types:

  1. Pre-wired illuminated address numbers
  2. Battery powered illuminated numbers
  3. Reflective numbers

Hard Wired Address Signs

For gift recipients that are in the midst of new construction on their home or business, or who wish to permanently provide power to their illuminated address plaque, the experts at The MailboxWork’s suggest either:

  • Qualarc Edgewood lighted address sign
  • Qualarc Bayside Estate lighted address sign

Both the Qualarc Edgewood and Bayside Estate lighted address plaques can be hardwired to a standard household doorbell transformer or to a transformer with a standard plug (or similar device that operates at 10-16 volts).

The Edgewood lighted address plaques are available in three different shapes:

  1. Horizontal rectangular address sign
  2. Vertical rectangular address sign
  3. Oval address sign

And each of the Edgewood address plaque shapes is available in five finishes including antique copper, French bronze, oil rubbed bronze, black, and pewter.

As well, up to four 4-inch high address numbers can be selected for each of these three shapes and their color will match the finish selected for the body of the lighted address plaque.

For larger illuminated address signs, consider the Bayside illuminated address plaque, which features 6” high home address numbers.

Battery Operated Whitehall Lighted Address Plaques

For ease of installation, consider one of the Whitehall illuminated address plaques, which are powered by eight D-cell batteries that will provide up to five months of continuous nighttime illumination.

These Whitehall Illuminator lighted address plaques hold up to five 3 ¼” inch address numbers and utilize an internal light sensor to automatically illuminate the plaques at dusk and de-illuminate the plaque at dawn to conserve battery energy.

They are an elegant choice in that they are constructed with a heavy-duty powder coated finish that will endure nearly any weather condition.

These lighted address plaques are also available with a lawn stake for homeowners that wish to mount them nearer to the roadside.

There are three Whitehall illuminated address signs available for your selection:

  1. Whitehall Oakleaf Arch Illuminator Lighted Address Plaque
  2. Whitehall Fleur de Lis Oval Illuminator Lighted Address Plaque
  3. Whitehall Illuminator Address Plaque

Reflective Address Signs

For homeowners who do not require illuminated address signs, you could also consider a reflective address plaque that has no power of its own but makes your address come alive when a light source (such as an automobile’s headlights) flash across its face.

The MailboxWorks carries a large selection of these reflective address signs for your gift shopping pleasure.

Please contact our mailbox experts at 1-866-717-4943 if you need help or still have questions about illuminated address signs.


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