Elegant Contemporary Modern Designer Mailboxes Inspired by a Skate Park?

June 13, 2011

HouseArt Blue Monet Wall Mount MailboxPerched across the parking lot from a youthful and high energy skate park in a northern suburb of Detroit lies the extraordinary contemporary mailbox design shop of Ginger Bartlett Finley:  HouseArt Mailboxes.   The free-flowing modern lines mirror the fresh forms found frequently on Skate Park half-pipes.

HouseArt’s motto of “art follows function for your house” depicts their passion for complementing the modern style of your home with designer mailboxes.  Featuring stunning modern mailbox designs with metallic finishes, HouseArt contemporary mailboxes provide a perfect first impression for today’s contemporary home.

Christened after world renown artists such as DaVinci and Monet, these residential modern post mounted mailboxes and modern wall mount mailboxes are original designer mailboxes that make getting one’s mail a pleasure.

HouseArt DaVinci is a modern post mounted mailbox featuring a gently sloping curved roof punctuated by four capped bolts that lift the roof about three-quarters of an inch above the mailbox body.  The 21” long body of these contemporary Residential Mailboxes features two easy to use access doors that conveniently offer the homeowner the ability to access either side of the mailbox. For homeowners with challenges in accessing the mail delivery side or streetside of their mailbox (perhaps due to snow drifts or busy streets), the ability to access one’s mailbox from the safety of a driveway or yard is just great design.

The DaVinci residential post mount mailbox is manufactured in steel and available in three finishes including Silver Chrome, a glossy silver powder coating that beautifully mimics the sheen of modern stainless steel mailboxes; Dark Bronze, a metallic “oil-rubbed look” dark bronze powder coat; and Satin Black, with a smooth pudding black sheen.

All three designer mailbox finishes are uniquely accented with stainless steel hardware.

The DaVinci residential mailboxesare available either with a mailbox post or without.  The 43” tall DaVinci mailbox post is five inches in diameter and is designed to be installed over a standard four-by-four in-ground post.  The DaVinci mailbox posts are available in either a brushed stainless steel or a powder coated stainless steel that matches the color of the DaVinci mailbox.

Also available for all three finishes is a five-inch diameter newspaper holder.

HouseArt Monet mailboxes are modern wall mount mailboxes that feature a gently sloped cap above a near perfect one foot square body.  The sloping mailbox cap lifts easily with the aid of a centered stainless steel button that makes mail delivery and retrieval a breeze.

These Monet modern wall mount mailboxes are available in four powder coat finishes including Satin Silver, which mimics the sheen of stainless steel mailboxes; Satin black, with its dark “oil rubbed look”, Metallic Bronze and Matte Textured Rust.

Also available are doorbell buttons and house numbers in matching finishes.

All designer mailboxes including DaVinci modern post mounted mailboxes and Monet modern wall mount mailboxes are available at The MailboxWorks.


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