Best in Class: Ecco 6 Victorian Wall Mount Mailbox

March 1, 2016

Ecco 6 Locking Wall Mount MailboxThe Ecco 6 Victorian wall mount mailbox, which is available online at The MailboxWorks, is a prime example of best in class, Victorian style mailbox design that is immediately and easily identifiable.

The key motif of any Victorian design is exemplified by a high degree of ornamentation and artistic embellishments. In other words, no space is left untreated; every possible place for décor has a flourish or decorative element.

So why is the Fuoriserie Ecco 6 Victorian wall mount mailbox considered best in class?  There are three very good reasons for this:

  1. Ecco 6 mailbox materials are highly durable, lightweight, and won’t rust
  2. They include stylized embellishments reminiscent of the Victorian era
  3. Hand-applied mailbox finishes and color choices perfectly match Victorian style architecture

Lightweight Durable Mailbox Construction

First, the Ecco 6 Victorian wall mount mailbox navigates the challenge of creating an Old World Victorian design motif by abandoning the disadvantages of Old World materials (such as heavy cast iron that easily rusts). Utilizing a stronger, more durable and lighter aluminum material, Ecco 6 Victorian style mailboxes are manufactured with high tech materials that are 100% impervious to rust, easy to install (because they are lightweight), and designed to provide years of reliable use.

Ecco 6 Victorian Wall Mount Mailbox Embellishments

Second, the Victorian mailbox design is highly reminiscent of the era. Two columned pillars support a gently curved roofline with stylized Victorian embellishments along the roofline. The fascia of the Ecco 6 Victorian wall mount mailbox is painstakingly adorned with picture frame style corner superfluities; French flourishes along the curved top and flat bottom; a center relief featuring a pair of cherubs playing amongst the birds and plants beneath an outdoor tent; and the word “MAIL” written in gold relief in an all caps serif font. These mailbox embellishments are the very definition of Victorian design.

Hand-Applied Mailbox Finishes for an Old World Look

Third, the color choices of the Ecco 6 Victorian wall mount mailbox are perfectly matched to suit nearly any residence with Victorian style architecture.

Fuoriserie Ecco 6 wall mount Victorian mailboxes are available in a deep black, burnished bronze, and rust brown finish that is hand-applied to complement Victorian architecture in nearly any setting.

In addition to the fine Victorian design elements, Ecco 6 mailboxes also feature a secure lock, a security function unavailable in previous centuries. This locking mechanism for the front door of the mailbox ensures that only those with proper keys can retrieve the mail.  For homeowners who would prefer not to utilize keys, an optional non-locking thumb latch is also available in an antique brass finish that complements the Ecco 6 mailbox design.

Furthermore, the large design of the Ecco 6 Victorian mailboxes provides a high standard of care for your mail since large envelopes, magazines, and large postcards do not have to be folded up and stuffed into the Ecco 6.  They all fit comfortably in these vertically oriented, wall mount, Victorian style mailboxes.

If you still have questions about the Ecco 6 Victorian mailbox or would like to speak with one of our mailbox experts, please call us at 1-866-717-4943.


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