Going Green with Florence CBU Mailboxes: The Fiscally Intelligent Choice

May 28, 2014

Florence 16 Door Traditional Bronze CBUWise developers and property managers understand that “going green” with their choice of Florence CBU mailboxes is not only environmentally responsible, but also financially intelligent.

“Since their kindergarten days, the millennial generation has been highly educated about the damage previous generations have perpetrated upon their planet and their motivation to reverse the curse of their forefathers extends to their choice of where they live,” states one successful property developer in America’s heartland.

CBU Mailboxes & LEEDs

LEED is an acronym that stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Savvy property developers understand that this youngest wave of apartment renters and condo buyers are not just looking for recycling bins and warm wood tone interiors. They want to be informed about the developer’s LEED certification level.

And smart property developers seize every opportunity in the building process to improve their LEED rating by selecting products like Florence commercial CBU mailboxes that can increase their LEED score.

For developers looking to score significant LEED points, Auth Florence CBU mailboxes, available at The MailboxWorks, are an excellent choice. Not only are The MailboxWork’s CBU mailboxes a great choice for LEED points but they also offer:

  • Ease of installation
  • High quality, secure mailbox design
  • And the highest levels of convenience for tenant mail delivery

Earning LEED Points

The MailboxWork’s CBU commercial mailboxes are manufactured using minimal waste and energy conservation practices, plus excellent stewardship of natural resources. As such, The MailboxWork’s CBU mailboxes earn major points for builders and developers seeking LEED points for their sustainable-design development.

For example, for property developers specifying The MailboxWork’s CBU mailboxes, LEED points can be achieved in the following four categories:

  1. Construction Waste Management (2 points)
  2. Recycled Content (4 points)
  3. Proximity to Manufacturing (5 points)
  4. Located in Regional Priority Area (1 point)

Construction Waste Management (2 points)

Because commercial CBU Mailboxes are shipped with 100% recyclable packaging, they contribute to the construction waste management credit for LEED’s points. Many wise property developers educate their green conscious consumers with both property brochure materials and educational signage concerning the products on the property that are “green” (like the Florence CBU mailboxes).

Recycled Content (4 points)

Because The MailboxWork’s commercial CBU Mailboxes are manufactured principally from aluminum with at least 20% pre-consumer and 30% post-consumer recycled content, this also contributes to the LEED score as 40% of the total dollars spent on Florence CBU Mailboxes contributes to the Recycled Content Credit. Add that wonderful fact to the smile one’s green-savvy tenant expresses when they realize that all the pop cans they crushed and recycled over the years is now providing mail delivery to them as one of their CBU mailbox units.

Proximity to Manufacturing (4 points)

In addition to the construction waste management and recycled content credits, all Florence CBU mailboxes used on projects within 500 miles proximity of The MailboxWork’s manufacturing center (at Auth Florence in Manhattan, Kansas) may also earn the LEED-conscious developer an additional five credits.

Regional Priority Area (4 points)

Another additional credit may also be earned if the development is in a regional priority area (see the LEED list of Regional Priorities for a list of these regions).


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