Reel in Style: Top Picks for Fish Mailboxes

March 19, 2013

In a sea of standard mailboxes, fish novelty mailboxes emerge as a splash of creativity and personality, perfect for those looking to cast a line into the waters of whimsical home decor.  Whether you’re an angler at heart, a marine life enthusiast, or simply in search of something that breaks from the mundane, fish novelty mailboxes offer a charming and playful alternative to traditional mailbox designs. From vibrant colors that mimic exotic fish to cleverly crafted shapes that capture the essence of aquatic life, we explore the variety of styles available and the joy they can bring to daily mail retrieval. Beyond their visual appeal, these mailboxes also serve as a testament to creativity and the personalization of space, making your home stand out in the neighborhood. Join us as we navigate through the reasons why a fish novelty mailbox might just be the catch of the day for your home’s exterior, adding a whimsical touch that delights and surprises.

River’s Edge Firetiger Lure Mailboxes

The MailboxWork’s River’s Edge Firetiger Lure mailboxes take a fisherman’s favorite fishing lure and enlarge it to mailbox-size complete with dangling hooks. These decorative post mount fish mailboxes are constructed of high-impact polyethylene with electronically welded seams. They have a fade-resistant iridescent-like green and purple scale finish and wide red mouth, which also functions smartly as the fish mailbox door. The lure-like yellow underbelly of the Firetiger fish mailbox is designed to fit a standard 4” by 4” or 2” by 4” mailbox post and comes complete with tamperproof screws to securely mount these fish mailboxes and keep admirers from taking this oversized lure mailbox for their own.

Baby Bass Lure Novelty MailboxBaby Bass Lure Mailboxes

Similar to the River’s Edge Firetiger Lure mailboxes, the Baby Bass Lure mailboxes are an incredible gift for your favorite fisherman. These fish novelty mailboxes share the same dangling hooks and red mouth mailbox door as the Firetiger Lure mailboxes, but the body is all bass. Yellow bodied with black accent stripes and dots, baby bass lure mailboxes are sure to please your fisherman.

Catfish Mailboxes

Beyond lure-style fish mailboxes, Catfish mailboxes are modeled after actual catfish rather than the lures that catch them. The high-impact polyethylene molded body is expertly colored and styled to mimic the look of a large 15-pound catfish, complete with striped fins and a white underbelly. Unique to the variety of fish novelty mailboxes at The MailboxWorks, catfish mailboxes have a head that pulls down from the fish body so that the postal carrier can place one’s mail right inside the catfish mailbox.

Bass Fish Novelty MailboxBass Fish Mailboxes

The Bass Fish mailboxes available at The MailboxWork’s are designed as standard, rural, post mount residential mailboxes. Bass novelty mailboxes are constructed of rust-resistant steel, colored and designed to look like a bass fish, and then finished with a baked enamel to allow the color to last. To augment the steel finished parts, a wood composite is utilized to create the fins, tail, and mouth for these bass fish mailboxes.

Woodendipity Bass Fish Mailboxes

For bass fish mailboxes that mimic the bass leaping out of the water, consider The MailboxWork’s Woodendipity bass fish mailboxes. These fish novelty mailboxes are constructed using a cage of exterior B.C. plywood around a standard USPS-approved size 1 post mount mailbox. After the cage is attached, it is covered with layers of western cedarwood. Then professional artists custom paints each of the Woodendipity Bass fish mailboxes to bring the leaping bass mailboxes to life. As a final step, several polyurethane coats are applied to protect the artistic work and ensure the Bass fish mailboxes last. These fish novelty mailboxes are also available with one’s address numbers custom painted on them.

Woodendipity Catfish Mailboxes

Similar to the Woodendipity bass fish mailboxes, the Woodendipity Catfish mailboxes are built upon a standard USPS approved post mount mailbox with custom, rough-sawn cedar wood textured and contoured to mimic an open-mouthed catfish. Like the bass fish mailboxes, these catfish novelty mailboxes are also protected with several coats of polyurethane and are also available with one’s address numbers hand painted upon them.

Other Aquatic Themed Mailboxes

In addition to these typical Residential Novelty Mailboxes that feature mailboxes shaped like fish or fishing lures, The MailboxWorks also carries themed mailboxes shaped like a dolphin, shark, sea turtle, crocodile, manatee, and other aquatic creatures such as orca whale mailboxes.

You can find more information on our earlier blog post we did about Residential Fish Mailboxes. Or check out our Unique Mailboxes here!

Diving into the World of Fish Novelty Mailboxes

As we wrap up our exploration of fish novelty mailboxes, it’s clear these playful and distinctive pieces do more than just collect your mail; they express personality, showcase hobbies, and add a splash of fun to your curb. Perfect for angling enthusiasts or anyone looking to bring a unique touch to their home exterior, fish novelty mailboxes turn everyday mail retrieval into an experience.

Cast Your Line for the Perfect Catch

Set sail through our collection of fish-themed novelty mailboxes to find the one that perfectly captures the essence of your favorite pastime or adds that whimsical touch to your home. With designs ranging from realistic to cartoonish, there’s a fish mailbox to hook everyone’s interest.

Ready to reel in a mailbox that makes a statement? Our team is here to help you navigate our waters, ensuring you find a mailbox that’s not only a conversation starter but also a durable home for your mail. For assistance or to discover our variety, contact us at 1-866-717-4943 or visit our contact page. Dive into MailboxWorks today and let a fish novelty mailbox bring a wave of character and charm to your curb.


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