Fish Mailboxes, Fish Lure Mailboxes: A Wide Variety of Fish Shaped Mailboxes for Today’s Angler

October 18, 2011 3:04 pm

Baby Bass Lure Novelty MailboxLooking for a thoughtful, fun gift to give to the fisherman in your family?  While it may be quite difficult to find the perfect rod and reel or lure for your family angler, Fish Shaped Mailboxes are gifts all fisherman would love to receive. Buy your angler a residential mailbox designed in the shape of his favorite fish or lure. You can find fish mailboxes for sale at the MailboxWorks.  Fish mailboxes are so well received by outdoor enthusiasts that many purchase these unique residential post mount mailboxes for themselves.  And one reason may be the wide variety of fish shaped mailboxes that are available today.

Thirty years ago, fish mailboxes were crude, woodshop attempts that were glued together in a high school shop class and then passed on from garage sale to garage sale as gag gifts.  But today’s fish mailboxes are beautifully crafted works of art, finely engineered and finished by leading manufacturers.

For example, consider the Bass Fish Mailbox or the Catfish Mailbox designed by Woodendipity Mailboxes.   Both the bass mailbox and the catfish mailbox is designed and built around a USPS approved size 1 mailbox.   Utilizing layers of western cedar, the body of the bass fish mailbox is textured to look like fish scales and hand painted to emulate the look of a bass jumping out of the water, while the catfish mailbox looks like a catfish swimming thru your local fishing hole.  Both the bass mailboxes and catfish mailboxes are carefully protected with multiple coats of exterior polyurethane to ensure a long lasting, attractive finish.  And for a small fee, you may also choose to have one’s house numbers hand painted on the fish mailbox.

Bass Fish Novelty MailboxEven more realistically crafted are The MailboxWork’s Rivers Edge Fish Mailboxes.  The MailboxWork’s Rivers Edge molds high impact polyethylene into near perfect replicas of fish mailboxes.  For example, their Firetiger Fish Lure Mailboxes are imaginative recreations of a popular lure that bass fisherman often employ in their fishing expeditions.   Firetiger Lure mailboxes come complete with two adorning treble hooks to complement the fine iridescent style paint that depicts the classic fire tiger lure.  Additionally, Firetiger Lure mailboxes feature a large open mouth with a red door that is designed as the receptacle for one’s mail.

The MailboxWork’s Rivers Edge also produces Baby Bass Lure Mailboxes for the Bass Tournament fisherman.  The Baby Bass Lure mailbox is fashioned after the famous “money bait” lures used by today’s professional fisherman and is also crafted of high impact polyethylene, then painted to a near perfect replica of the much smaller lure.  Like the Firetiger Lure mailboxes, these Baby Bass Lure mailboxes feature two treble hooks that hang from the mouth and tail of the Baby Bass Lure mailbox as well as the typical red flag to signal that one’s mail is ready for pickup.

In addition to the Firetiger Lure mailboxes and Baby Bass Lure Mailboxes, The MailboxWork’s Rivers Edge also produces Catfish Mailboxes and MailBass Fish Mailboxes.  Both the Catfish mailbox and the MailBass mailbox are constructed from high impact polyethylene and feature realistic coloring and fins.

The Catfish mailboxes are extraordinarily unique in that they feature a highly realistic fish head that pulls down like a mailbox door to split the fish and receive the mail.  The MailBass mailboxes are crafted like the Firetiger Lure mailboxes and Baby Bass Lure mailboxes as they utilize a wide, large mouth bass opening to receive mail.   All MailboxWork’s Rivers Edge fish mailboxes and fish lure mailboxes are designed to fit a standard 4” x 4” or 2” x 4” post (not included) and are supplied with tamper proof screws to ensure your mailbox remains yours.

For buyers of fish mailboxes that are seeking more subtle colors for their bass fish mailbox, The MailboxWork’s More-Than-a-Mailbox Bass Fish Mailboxes are a perfect choice.  These bass mailboxes are constructed with rust-resistant steel and painted with a baked on enamel finish.  The bass mailbox fins, head, and tail are crafted of Medex, a wood composite that is designed specifically to withstand the elements and like the other bass mailboxes carried by The MailboxWorks, this bass mailbox is designed to mount easily to any standard mailbox post (not included).

Of course, if one is not seeking a bass mailbox or catfish mailbox, there are many other aquatic and fish shaped mailboxes also available including:  shark mailboxes, orca mailboxes, crocodile mailboxes, dolphin mailboxes, whale mailboxes, sea turtle mailboxes, and even manatee mailboxes.  All are designed to mount easily to standard mailbox posts (not included) and to withstand the outdoor elements.

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