Fire Truck Mailbox Options – Unique Gifts for Fire Truck Fans

November 10, 2015 4:14 pm

If you are looking for a unique gift to bring a smile to the fire truck lover in your life, or if you simply enjoy fire trucks yourself, consider a fully functional fire truck mailbox from The MailboxWorks.

The MailboxWorks is the nation’s leading retailer of residential wall mount and post mount mailboxes and carries such an extensive line of novelty mailboxes that even those shopping for a red fire truck mailbox have two models to choose from:

  1. A nostalgic handcrafted fire truck mailbox modeled after the early fire engines of the 1940’s
  2. A larger, more modern version of the red fire truck mailbox

Fire Truck Novelty Mailbox1940’s Fire Engine Mailbox

Made by Pinehill Woodcraft, this nostalgic 1940s red fire truck mailbox is reminiscent of the 1941 Ford classic with Howe body. Handcrafted of seven-ply exterior pine plywood built around a USPS approved, “size one” galvanized steel mailbox, and then hand painted with a protective layer of acrylic-based paint (both inside and outside the mailbox), this is no mere novelty gift. Rather this red fire truck mailbox boasts an artist’s rendering of all the fine details found from the early era of fire trucks.

Painted details on the nostalgic fire truck mailbox extend to wheels, ladders, lights, front grill, and more, and are over-coated with multiple layers of clear polyurethane to ensure years of protection and pleasurable use. Imagine a 1940s style red fire truck mailbox with personalized details that extend even to placing your home’s house number upon the fire truck mailbox in lieu of the fire engine number.

Fire Engine Novelty MailboxModern Fire Engine Mailbox

Another wonderful post mount fire truck mailbox available at The MailboxWorks is More Than A Mailbox’s modern red fire engine novelty mailbox. Crafted by More Than a Mailbox, this metal fire truck mailbox is a truly unique, decorative, post mount novelty mailbox.

This “made in America” decorative fire truck mailbox is based on a modern version of today’s hook and ladder fire trucks. As post mount mailboxes they are constructed on a foundation of a rust-resistant steel mailbox adorned with wood composite parts that are handmade and decorated in an eye-catching design, one that will delight any lover of fire trucks.

Fine-painted details like fire truck hose fittings, ladders, and emergency 911 numbers adorn these red fire truck mailboxes.  Additionally, useful mailbox accessories such as the signal flag (used to let the postal carrier know you have outgoing mail) are also incorporated into the overall fire truck design of the mailbox.

And as these post mount red fire truck mailboxes are built on a standard sized residential post mailbox, they mount easily to standard mailbox posts, although some who have purchased this unique fire truck mailbox have actually mounted it to a replica fireplug (fire hydrant) for additional novelty appeal.

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