Dog Themed Mailbox – Unique Gift for Any Dog Lover

February 1, 2017

There are a lot of dog lovers in America. Americans own nearly 80 million dogs according to the ASPCA! Did you know that half of dog owners share their bed with their furry friend? Did you know that 10% of American dogs are the primary beneficiaries of their owner’s estate? A dog-themed mailbox like the ones below would make an ideal gift for yourself or a dog-loving friend.

If a dog-themed mailbox sounds like the ideal way to express your love for your dog, MailboxWorks has a great selection of novelty dog mailboxes. These include:

  • Black Labrador mailbox
  • Dalmatian mailbox
  • Hound dog mailbox
  • Custom photo mailbox (subject to availability)

Black Lab Novelty MailboxDog-Shaped Mailbox Options

These hand-made and hand-painted dog mailboxes have wooden parts. These parts are attached to a rust-resistant, standard-sized, USPS-approved steel mailbox with a baked-on enamel finish. The Black Labrador mailbox, the Hound Dog mailbox, and the Dalmatian mailbox are all unique post-mount novelty mailboxes. And they are designed for outdoor use! Also, they are handcrafted by More Than A Mailbox.

Custom Photo-Dog Mailbox Wraps

Custom Photo MailboxIf you want to celebrate your beloved family dog, MailboxWorks also offers custom photo mailboxes. Choose the “Any Photo on Your Mailbox” option, select one of your favorite dog photos, and have a mailbox wrap created for your new post-mount mailbox. A Proof of your custom dog mailbox will be emailed to you for approval before your special dog mailbox is created.


Although the ancient Egyptians are said to be the first to fall in love with their dog friends, Americans have raised the love of their family dog to higher levels.

If you still have questions about a dog-themed mailbox or any of our Unique Mailboxes, the experts at The Mailboxworks can help by calling toll-free at 1-866-717-4943. You can also reach them through their online contact form.

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