Surprising and Distinct Design Options for Commercial Mailboxes

February 27, 2012

Florence 8 Door CBU MailboxWhen it comes to purchasing Commercial Mailboxes, one is not stuck with postal grey or beige. Today’s commercial mailboxes provide myriad design options including color, design accessories, and mailbox mounting styles.

Whether one is in need of CBU Mailboxes (cluster box units), Horizontal Mailboxes, 4C Commercial Mailboxes, Vertical Mailboxes, or Drop Mailboxes, the color, and design options extend far beyond the non-descript standard styles.

UPDATE: 4C Pedestal Mailboxes have been discontinued as of November 30, 2020. The USPS Cluster Box Unit (CBU) Mailbox is now the standard for all multi-family mail delivery.

CBU Mailboxes Consider the design options available to the buyers of cluster mailbox units (cluster mailboxes).  These CBU mailboxes are available in a wide array of six colors that will fit the need of any residential or business tenant project.  In addition to the standard postal grey and sandstone finishes, the CBU mailboxes are also available in a distinct black finish, a dark bronze, a highly unique forest green, and a white finish, which would fit well into any contemporary or classic architectural scheme.

To complement the six color finishes, CBU mailboxes can be customized with four different tenant mailbox door numbering options including black or white fill engraved mailbox numbers. Plus, for the ultimate in mailbox design options, CBU commercial mailboxes can be accessorized with architectural decorative features in two distinct styles that adorn the CBU mailboxes roof and post.

Florence Black 4C Horizontal Mailbox4C Commercial MailboxesWhile it may surprise some, wall-mounted commercial 4C mailboxes and commercial apartment mailboxes are also available in a wide variety of finishes that would provide instant style to any lobby or mailroom.  Besides standard sandstone and postal grey options, the versatile 4C commercial mailboxes are available in a wide variety of earth tones including antique bronze, dark bronze, antique copper, forest green, blonde gold, gold speck, and black.

Additionally, 4C mailbox suites are available in a unique silver speck finish.  Like their pedestal-mounted CBU mailboxes counterparts, 4C commercial mailboxes also provide tenant door identification options including white or black fill engraved mailbox numbering.

Mounting Exterior 4C Commercial Mailboxes – In addition to the finishes and tenant door numbering options, 4C commercial mailboxes provide two unique mounting options for non-wall mount installations of commercial exterior mailboxes;

  1. Vario Express 4C Commercial Mailboxes
  2. Vario 4C Commercial Mailboxes

These commercial mailbox mounting solutions are also available in the same eleven finishes and may also utilize solar lights mounted on top of them for a more secure mail collection area for one’s tenants.

Trash and Recycling Bins – A final option that can be utilized with 4C commercial mailboxes is the Auth Florence Suite F trash and recycling bin. This may be incorporated into the wall-mounted or Vario mounted commercial mailbox installations in the same eleven finishes so that tenants have a ready place to deposit unwanted junk mail.  A Suite F collection and dropbox are also available for incorporation into a 4C commercial mailboxes installation allowing the facilitation of individual collection needs.

In addition to the wide variety of finishes and choices that buyers have for CBU mailboxes and 4C commercial mailboxes, potential buyers of vertical commercial mailboxes also have eleven finishes in both earth tone and metallic colors.  Name and mailbox address tags, as well as mail collection boxes, may also be added to any vertical mailboxes order. Plus free doorbell push buttons with upgraded matching custom powder coat finishes are available as inexpensive upgrades to buyers of vertical commercial mailboxes at The MailboxWorks.

Finally, in addition to the mailbox design choices that buyers of CBU mailboxes, 4C commercial mailboxes, and vertical mailboxes have available, buyers of pedestal drop mailboxes also have a wide variety of choices with respect to finishes.  As with other commercial mailboxes, the pedestal drop boxes are available in eleven different finishes (earth tones, standards, and metallic).

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