How to Select a Decorative Mailbox to Enhance your Home’s Exterior

September 29, 2010

Gaines Keystone Eagle Mailbox

Your mailbox is often the first impression every one has of your home.  In the mind of your guests as well as passersby, your residential mailbox registers the attitude, style, and even the quality of your home.

Thus, choosing a decorative mailbox that enhances the value and first impression your home makes is an important decision.  In this article, you’ll find five great tips on choosing the perfect mailbox for your residence.

Tip #1

Start by taking a few digital photographs of your home.  Remember to take at least one photo in the morning light and another in the evening hours, as the sunlight will alter the eye’s perception of the colors of your home throughout the day.  You will find that opening the photos on your computer monitor to be a helpful way to shop online for the right mailbox.  And by purchasing from experienced, professional webstores, you can always email your photo so their representative can see your home as they assist you in your purchase.

Tip #2

Choose a style that complements your home.  Here’s how:  Looking at the front exterior of your home as well as the entryway and foyer, ask yourself, “What style is my home communicating?”  If you are unsure, stick with general styles such as Contemporary, Traditional, or Ranch.  If your home has a distinct style such as Cape Cod, Victorian, French Tudor, Mediterranean, Ranch, Arts & Crafts, Colonial, Mission Revival, then note that particular look before you start your decorative mailbox search. You will discover that decorative mailboxes are available in nearly every home style and while you may enjoy the clean lines of a modern stainless steel mailbox, it would be a faux pas choice for a more traditional home style.

Whitehall Post Mount MailboxTip #3

Choose a size that complements your home.  Large estates require larger mailboxes; a large mailbox in front of a small home would be out of scale with your home. Here’s an easy guide:  If your home is under 2000 square feet, choose a smaller mailbox (unless you have specific package delivery needs).  If it your home is over 4500 square feet, look for a larger mailbox to keep the mailbox and home in scale.

Tip #4

Choose a mailbox mount that matches your neighborhood and needs.  Mailboxes are available in wall mount mailbox styles (often are placed near a front entry door); post-mount mailboxes (also called curbside mailboxes) that are erected near the street; and column mount mailboxes that are built into a brick or stucco column near the front of your home. Typically, homes that are built close together where the postman walks the mail route utilize wall mount mailboxes and homes in suburban or rural neighborhoods where the mail carrier drives the mail route use the post mount mailbox or column mount mailboxes.  It’s always best to check with your local post office for proper placement and requirements.

Tip #5

If you are looking beyond the standard colors of white, brown, black or tan, or stainless, stop and consider purchasing a residential mailbox that matches one of the primary colors used in your home’s exterior:  your primary color, your secondary color, or your accent color.

If you would like assistance in finding the perfect residential decorative mailbox for your home, contact the experts at The MailboxWorks toll-free at 1-866-717-4943.

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