Decorative Custom Mailboxes for the Discerning Homeowner

June 11, 2013

Keystone Fleur De Lis Deluxe PostFor discerning homeowners seeking to distinguish his or her home through their choice of mailboxes, the ability to add unique custom mailboxes to their residences provide an attractive solution.

While The MailboxWorks offers hundreds of Decorative Residential Mailboxes that are both distinct and unique, some homeowners want to create a custom look among the available mailbox components. For those homeowners, two unique options are available:

  1. The MailboxWorks Keystone Custom Mailboxes
  2. The MailboxWorks Whitehall Custom Mailboxes

Keystone Custom Mailboxes

Designed to provide ease of use, The MailboxWorks offers a custom configurator for customizing Keystone mailboxes.  This mailbox configurator provides homeowners with a non-scrolling, single-webpage solution to configure a custom mailbox out of the hundred-plus different possibilities available on Keystone mailboxes. Plus the mailbox configurator automatically updates the cost of each selection made for the custom mailbox.

Starting with the thirteen body and accent options available, the configuration page then allows the homeowner to select one of three mailbox door accents:

  1. US Mail plaque
  2. US Mail Script
  3. Fleur De Lis

Once the homeowner selects the mailbox and post color, and the door accent for the custom mailbox, he or she can select either a deluxe post or standard post (or no post at all). Then, the homeowner can enter up to six characters for a mailbox address plaque that mounts beneath these custom mailboxes, plus up to twenty-five characters that can be applied to either side or both sides of the custom mailbox.

The choices that remain are three-fold and easy to select for that ultimate custom mailbox look and include;

  1. Locking mailbox insert
  2. Post cuff
  3. Newspaper box

When the homeowner completes the configurator, he or she can review their selections and the various costs associated with each of their choices.

Whitehall Custom Mailbox PackageWhitehall Custom Mailboxes

The same configuration software approach is also available for Whitehall custom mailboxes.  In just seven steps, the homeowner can create a custom Whitehall mailbox by selecting:

  1. Mailbox and mailbox post color
  2. Mailbox post style
  3. Post top
  4. Mailbox side address panels
  5. Front address panel
  6. Post cuff and topper
  7. Mailbox newspaper box

Once the homeowner completes their selections in the custom mailboxes configurator, they can quickly review their choices and all associated costs. Thus, the task of creating Keystone or Whitehall decorative custom mailboxes at The MailboxWorks is both easy to use and easy to understand.


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