An Emerging Trend: Cell Phone Storage Lockers

June 28, 2011

Florence Cell Phone Mini Storage LockersThere’s a new product is on the market today: Cell Phone Storage Lockers, which are also referred to as mobile phone storage units, cell phone storage racks and a cell phone storage cabinet or box.

At first glance, it’s hard to think of how a mobile phone storage locker could be useful.  But consider these facts: as cell phone usage skyrockets, and the phones themselves become “smarter and smarter,” adult and teen dependence upon these ubiquitous devices is rising significantly.  “In the past decade, mobile phones have moved from the luxury item category reserved primarily for business people and professionals to save time, to near necessity levels that place the mobile phones even in the hands of 10 year olds,” notes one major carrier’s representative.

So, why the need for cell phone storage lockers?

Well, consider the items our phones have replaced:  watches, cameras, personal digital assistants (remember the Palm Pilot?), alarm clocks, egg timers, pagers, electronic game equipment (Gameboys and Nintendo DS’s), computers, calendars, photo albums, stock ledgers, to do lists, wallets, MP3 players, books, Dictaphones, GPS’s, newspapers, magazines, web browsers, and even in some cases:  car keys.

The convergence to the smart phone means that anyone who carries one values it tremendously.  “My whole life is in that phone.  My to do list is on it, my calendar, my email, my bank accounts, … I’ve thrown out all my other gadgets … (be)cause my phone has it all,” notes one young executive from the Midwest.  And cell phone storage lockers ensure one’s mobile phone is safe and secure wherever cell phones are prohibited. Cell phone storage lockers are like small locking mailboxes for your mobile phone.

But when would one need a cell phone storage unit?

Well, multiple cell phone storage lockers are most needed in situations where cell phones are not welcome.  Because of the very gadgets and features smart phones possess, some agencies and businesses, including government and military facilities, must prohibit them.  Courtrooms, public and private schools, along with many governmental buildings prohibit cell phones outright – banning not solely their use but even their presence.  Many workplaces are also banning their employees from cell phone use to ensure photographs are not taken of classified or secret company items or papers.

Theatres, churches, universities, and health clubs place significant limits on smart phone usage.  For example, everyone in a gym locker room would complain if someone carried a digital camera into the changing areas.  And health clubs have recognized that is exactly what a smart phone is today:  a camera in their locker room.

So, what does a person do when they need to enter a courtroom but don’t have a safe place to put their phone?  Enter the cell phone storage locker.

And organizations that need to prohibit or limit the use of cell phones on their property or in certain parts of their buildings have come under significant fire by cell phone users simply because the phone is such a necessity and extension of themselves that parting with the phone is very much like leaving one’s son or daughter in a child care for the first time:  it’s scary to leave something that means so much to you without carefully considering safety.

In our modern society it’s easy to see the necessity for multiple cell phone storage lockers or mobile phone storage units.

Multiple cell phone storage lockers are easy-to-install mini-locker units that provide the perfect solution for any organization that wants to provide a convenient and secure way for their clients, students, or users to store their smart phones while they use their services.

One can purchase cell phone storage lockers for hospitals, for government buildings and for educational institutions.  We even provide cell phone storage lockers for military use including army, navy, the air force and the marines. Cell phone storage lockers for government agencies dealing with the general public provide an excellent solution for nervous citizens who must separate from their cell phone in order to receive government services or interact with an agency.

How does a cell phone storage cabinet work?  When a client needs to store their phone safely, they pop it into a cell phone storage locker vault, close the door, and remove the key.  When they return, they insert their key and retrieve their phone; simple.

To ensure your organization or governmental agency purchases the best cell phone storage locker for your needs, consider these three factors first:

    1. Consider how many phones will need to be stored at one time in the cell phone storage unit.  Think about your organization’s peak hours and then project the peak usage ahead a few years to ensure you purchase a cell phone storage locker with enough cell phone storage compartments for your highest usage times.  Cell phone storage lockers can be configured from a minimum of six doors to a maximum of sixty doors.  If the largest unit does not satisfy demand, additional cell phone storage lockers can be mounted side-to-side (very similar to cluster mailboxes) to create a wall or area of lockers for secure cell phone storage.
    1. Consider whether your organization desires to allow cell phone storage only or other small items along with the mobile phone.  If you wish to add more storage space per user, consider purchasing Cell Phone Storage Lockers with C Doors, which provide one of two options:  adding the 7.5” depth option which extends the depth of each locker from 4” to nearly twice the depth or simply purchasing a cell phone storage locker with a “C” door size which extends the width of each storage space from 4” to 8”.  These “C” mobile cell phone storage lockers also feature the option to increase the depth from 4” to 7.5” which would allow clients or patrons to store small purses and wallets along with their cell phone.
  1. Consider your options for locking cell phone storage lockers.  Many organizations that do not have personnel nearby to manage their patron’s key check-outs and returns, utilize the keyless, user-defined, resettable combination lock option so that keys can be forgone all together.  Organizations where patrons are accustomed to providing their own locks (such as health clubs) simply order cell phone storage lockers with the hasp option that provides a secure loop for a user-provided padlock.

As with any purchase, there are other ascetic-related options for cell phone storage lockers such as color choices and mounting the cell phone storage units to the surface or having it recessed. One can even purchase Cell Phone Storage Lockers with Pedestal however these three factors above will assist you in ensuring your cell phone storage locker is the right one for your organization’s needs.

The MailboxWorks is the North America’s top supplier to governmental agencies, hospitals, military facilities and other professional organizations requiring cell phone storage lockers.

For custom quotes on multiple mobile phone storage lockers, contact The MailboxWorks Toll Free at 1-866-717-4943.


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