Blend in with Nature with a Cedar Mailbox and Post

March 28, 2016

One of the most naturally harmonious choices of post-mount mailboxes is the cedar house-shaped mailbox with an optional cedar post.

Crafted from weather-resistant and pest-resistant real western red cedar wood, these post-mount house-shaped mailboxes have a natural wood finish that allows them to simply look like they belong in landscaped yards or wooded lots.

The nation’s leading retailer of residential mailboxes, The MailboxWorks, offers four distinct, attractive styles of decorative wooden cedar mailboxes including:

  1. Chalet Wood Cedar Mailbox
  2. Cedar Log Cabin Mailbox
  3. Mail House Cedar Mailbox
  4. New England Cedar Mailbox

Chalet Cedar Post Mount MailboxChalet Wood Cedar Mailbox

The least expensive (and best selling) style of wooden cedar mailbox is the Chalet Cedar mailbox. Featuring smooth rooflines, smooth cedar sides, and a smooth front door, this no-nonsense cedar wood mailbox becomes a natural part of one’s landscape.  A red mailbox flag sits aside the cedar mailbox house as a signal to let the mail carrier know that you have outgoing mail.

The Mailboxworks also carries a second option for the Chalet wood cedar mailbox. This is a deluxe decorative wooden mailbox that features the red mailbox flag emerging from the chimney top plus a cedar shake roof (instead of a smooth one).

Cedar Log Cabin Mailbox

Featuring a rustic cedar shake roof, horizontal log cabin sides, and a brass door handle with a nameplate upon the front door, the Loghouse is a cedar log cabin mailbox that also has a red mailbox flag that juts out from the chimney top to signal outgoing mail.

Mailhouse Cedar Post Mount MailboxMail House Cedar Mailbox

Another option in cedar post mount mailboxes is the cedar Mail House mailbox. This cedar mailbox house features a one-touch, red signal flag rising from the chimney top, plus a cedar shake roof and a wood-burned “US MAIL” sign above the front mailbox delivery door.

New England Cedar Mailbox

The final option among post mount cedar house-shaped mailboxes is the New England cedar mailbox. This decorative wooden mailbox is constructed around a standard galvanized steel mailbox.  The roofline is steep and covered with cedar shingles while the front door and mailbox sides are elegantly plain. And the red mailbox signal flag is side-mounted instead of emerging from a chimney like the other cedar mailbox models.

Crafting Curb Appeal with Cedar House-Shaped Mailbox Posts

In summarizing our exploration of the cedar house-shaped mailbox post, it becomes apparent that these charming structures do far more than hold your mail; they add a creative, welcoming touch to your curb appeal. Crafted from durable cedar, known for its natural resistance to the elements, these mailbox posts not only stand the test of time but also offer a delightful visual that complements any home.

Enhance Your Entryway with a Touch of Warmth

Dive into our assortment of cedar house-shaped mailbox posts and discover how easy it is to infuse your home’s exterior with a sense of warmth and whimsy. Perfect for those who appreciate craftsmanship and natural beauty, our selection promises a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal that will enchant both homeowners and passersby alike.

Considering a cedar house-shaped mailbox post for your home? Our experts are here to assist in selecting the perfect match for your aesthetic and functional needs. For personalized advice or to explore our unique collection, reach out at 1-866-717-4943 or visit our contact page. Visit MailboxWorks today and let a cedar house-shaped mailbox post transform your curb appeal with its enduring charm and character.

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