CBU Mailboxes: the Favored Solution for Multi-Tenant Mail Delivery

December 31, 2013

Florence 16 Door Traditional Bronze CBUOfficially licensed and required by the United States Postal Service (USPS) as a part of their overall strategy to reduce the annual cost of mail delivery, Florence CBU (cluster box unit) mailboxes are the favored solution for outdoor mail delivery for a wide-variety of commercial and even residential applications including:

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Military Bases
  • Business Offices
  • Industrial Parks
  • Multi-Family Complexes

Secure Cluster Mailboxes

Designed to provide secure access for outdoor mail and package delivery, CBU cluster mailboxes thwart mail identity theft and package thieves by employing a strong barrier of heavy duty, rust-free extruded aluminum as the primary construction element for the cabinets of the commercial CBU mailboxes.

To add additional mail security and to prevent secure CBU mailboxes from being pried open, typical rivet construction has been replaced with robotically perfect welded seams.

As well, 360 degree Stainless steel hinges and secure USPS approved locking cylinders ensure that only the mail carrier can open all the CBU mailboxes at once (for quick mail delivery).

Of course, each tenant can open their own mailbox unit within the available 8-door, 12-door, 13-door, or 16-door CBU mailboxes at any time using a durable cam-lock and key mechanism featuring 5-pins.

CBU Mailboxes with Parcel Lockers

Secure CBU mailboxes also feature package delivery through the clever use of parcel lockers, which are integrated into each outdoor CBU mailbox unit.

When the mail carrier delivers the small package or parcel, they simply place it in a secure parcel locker and then they place the parcel locker key in the appropriate tenant’s mailbox unit.  The tenant utilizes the parcel locker key to retrieve their package and the key is securely retained intact in the parcel locker lock for the next delivery.

Placards & Engraving Options

The nation’s leading supplier of CBU commercial mailboxes, The MailboxWorks, provides a wide variety of placards or engraving options that are available to identify each tenant’s cluster mailbox unit.

Buyers of cluster box unit mailboxes can choose from standard placards numbering one to eight or custom placards with up to three numerals per placard.  Or buyers can forgo the CBU mailbox placards and choose engraving instead.

The MailboxWorks offers standard engraving plus white (or black) filled engraving options with a stunning maximum of eighteen characters per tenant mailbox unit.

All cluster CBU mailboxes also come standard with a shielded outgoing mail slot and easy CBU mailbox installation instructions.  Typically commercial CBU mailboxes are pedestal mounted and The MailboxWorks provides free mailbox pedestals on all orders of CBU mailboxes.

High Security CBU Mailboxes

For added security, an “Extra High Security Option” for CBU mailboxes can be selected. This security option replaces the thick aluminum cabinets of standard CBU commercial mailboxes with even thicker cabinets as well as reinforced gate crossbars, USPS tamper-resistant bolts, and a protective collar.

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