Improving the Look of CBU mailboxes: Three Stunning Architectural Treatments

January 29, 2013 4:46 pm

Florence 16 Door Traditional CBU MailboxWhile today’s CBU mailboxes help prevent mail theft and provide many conveniences to tenants and homeowners, the utilitarian design of CBU cluster box units can become a less desired feature for savvy developers and property managers who understand the need to create an architecturally pleasing environment for their properties.

“Each time a tenant drives up to one of my properties, I want him or her to experience a little thrill,” notes a well-respected developer in Northern California, “and one of the many ways I can create the kind of atmosphere that leads to that kind of high tenant satisfaction is by upgrading the look of the CBU mailboxes. And it’s one of the most inexpensive and easy to do upgrades our team performs.”

And this respected developer is correct. Improving the architectural look of CBU mailboxes is inexpensive and easy to do.  In fact, The MailboxWorks, the nation’s leading retailer of CBU cluster mailboxes, provides three stunning architectural treatments for cluster box mailboxes;

  1. Vogue Traditional treatment for CBU cluster mailboxes
  2. Vogue Classic treatment for CBU mailboxes
  3. Decorative Stucco Column; the newest treatment for CBU mailbox units

All three cluster mailbox treatments are available for all four sizes of CBU cluster box units including:

  • 8 door CBU mailboxes
  • 12 door CBU mailboxes
  • 13 door CBU mailboxes
  • 16 door CBU mailboxes

Vogue Mailboxes Traditional Treatment

The Vogue Traditional treatment for CBU mailboxes includes a roof cap with ball finial that fits smartly on the top of normally flat cluster box units, a rounded column that conceals the post, and a rounded, stylish post base that covers the normally exposed base and mounting bolts. This three-piece, solid die-cast aluminum treatment snaps together and is secured with set screws making for quick installation. The cost of the Vogue Traditional mailbox treatment adds just a few hundred dollars to the cost of CBU cluster mailboxes, making the decision a very affordable option.

Florence 12 Door Classic Bronze CBUVogue Mailboxes Classic Treatment

The Vogue Classic treatment for CBU mailboxes echoes classical Roman architecture and includes a crown moulding type roof treatment, a fluted, squared pillar to obscure the post, and a base cap to conceal the base and mounting bolts of the CBU cluster box mailboxes. As with the Vogue Traditional treatment, the Vogue classic construction is 100% die cast aluminum that fits together quickly and remains together with the twist of a few quick-install self-tapping screws. The cost of the Vogue Classic mailbox treatment is just a few dollars more than the Vogue Traditional treatment.

Decorative Stucco Column Mailbox Options

For years, the Vogue Classic and Vogue Traditional treatments for CBU mailboxes were a developer’s only options but just recently a third option for CBU cluster box units has become available for developers and property managers who prefer a decorative stucco column to perhaps echo the stucco designs used in their developments. The Decorative Stucco Column for CBU mailboxes is prefabricated from an easy-to-handle foam core with an exterior grade surface. And it comes ready to install.

For developers used to using brick or cinder block to dress up the look of CBU mailboxes, the Decorative Stucco Column is significantly safer for mailbox-auto collisions as the prefabricated foam core is designed to crumble on high impact.  Another favored benefit of the Decorative Stucco Column for CBU cluster mailboxes is that it is available both in painted and unpainted finishes allowing for infinite customization to match the color palette of the development.

Cost information on these beautiful CBU cluster mailbox treatment units is available at The MailboxWorks.


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