A Rising Trend in Suburban Residential Development: CBU Mailbox Accessories

December 27, 2011

Florence 16 Door Traditional CBU MailboxOver the past decade residential developers have sought a variety of ways to lower per unit costs.  At the same time, because the pool of qualified new homebuyers is the smallest in recent history, great care has gone into incremental increases in the quality of neighborhood amenities that might set one’s development apart from the competition.  And developers are discovering that the one amenity that has both the architectural stamp of defining one’s community and the fine touches that new homeowners are seeking is the selection of CBU mailbox accessories that help to adorn their new communities.

CBU Mailboxes have been tried and true solutions for decades among condominium, apartment, and office unit developers and their utilitarian look often blends well into those environments.  And over the past few years, residential developers have begun purchasing these CBU mailboxes with accompanying decorative kits for their suburban development projects.  These innovative decorative kits provide an instant architectural upgrade to the standard, sturdy look of CBU mailboxes for significantly less upfront investment than individual Residential Mailboxes.

Two types of decorative kits or CBU mailbox accessories are available:

  1. The softer, colonial look of the finial-adorned Decorative CBU mailboxes kit
  2. And the harder edge, elegant look of the Vogue Decorative CBU mailboxes kit

Both decorative mailbox kits allow developers to treat either the top of the CBU mailboxes in their development or the pillar of the CBU mailboxes (or both).

Finial Adorned Decorative CBU Mailbox Kits

These are available in two versions:

  1. Finial Adorned 8 or 12 Door CBU Mailboxes
  2. Finial Adorned 13 or 16 door CBU Mailboxes

Both of these CBU mailbox accessories are professionally constructed of 100% die cast aluminum and can be purchased with new CBU mailboxes or used as a retrofit to upgrade existing CBU mailboxes.  Six kit colors are available; all of which match the color palette of the actual CBU mailboxes.   The mailbox roof cap has the distinguishing ball finial feature atop of its sloping roof and the post column accessory sits directly on top of the CBU mailboxes base and wraps around the CBU mailbox post providing a much softer, round pedestal facade for the CBU mailbox unit.

Vogue Decorative CBU Mailboxes Kit

These are also available in two versions:

  1. Vogue 8 or 12 door CBU Mailboxes
  2. Vogue 13 or 16 door CBU Mailboxes

Constructed entirely of aluminum, these Vogue CBU mailbox kits provide the same corrosive resistant, weather resistant and powder coated features as the CBU mailboxes they adorn.  The CBU crown-molding cap is easy to install and the CBU mailboxes pillar pedestal cover features a quick-snap together installation.

Both decorative CBU mailbox kits are a low cost, high impact solution for residential developers who want to add architectural features to ordinary, utilitarian looking CBU mailboxes (of course, while developers realize that the new homebuyers will quickly ascertain that ordinary CBU mailboxes provide a secure and convenient way of both collecting one’s mail as well as sending it, these ordinary mailbox units do not have the architectural “pop” that these inexpensive kits provide). View a short video on other CBU Mailbox Features.


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