Three New Architectural CBU Mailbox Accessories

October 19, 2015

As the United States Postal Service continues to encourage (and sometimes require) the use of CBU mailboxes in residential and business developments, savvy project architects and developers have begun to dress up the CBU mailboxes’ utilitarian appearance with new architectural options available from The MailboxWorks.

The MailboxWorks carries the entire line of new architectural Florence CBU Mailbox accessories kits so that any community can enjoy the distinguished look of these three pleasing designs.

Florence 16 Door Traditional CBU MailboxVogue Traditional CBU Mailbox Kit

The Vogue Traditional CBU mailbox kit is easy to install and provides an instant upgrade in appearance for Auth Florence CBU mailboxes.  Vogue traditional mailbox accessories include the fluted Roman column pedestal, peaked roof cap, and ball finial.

As one begins installing the fluted Roman column pedestal cover over the otherwise functional-only square post, the bottom end of the pedestal cover bellows out to neatly cover the often unsightly intersection of the post and ground.  The peaked-style roof cap is not only an architecturally pleasing element compared to the flat top of the basic CBU mailbox, but it also functions as a way to keep snow from packing on the top of the mailbox and prevents anyone passing by from stowing trash upon it. It simply shrugs off any load with the angled rooflines.  Finally, as one screws in the ball finial to finish off the installation of the traditional cluster box unit accessories, the CBU mailbox makeover is complete for the neighborhood to admire.

The Vogue Traditional accessories kit is available in Black, Dark Bronze, Postal Grey, and Sandstone finishes.

Florence 12 Door Classic CBU MailboxVogue Classic CBU Mailbox Kit

The Vogue Classic CBU mailbox kit provides an elegantly crisp upgrade to the otherwise utilitarian cluster box unit.  The Vogue Classic accessories kit includes a fluted square post column, double-capped base molding, and roof cap.

Completely constructed of die-cast aluminum and installed with quick, self-tapping screws, this CBU mailbox makeover provides instant gratification to those looking to dress up their neighborhood CBU mailboxes.  The fluted square post column fits deftly around the pedestal post and has a double-capped base molding to cloak the unsightly area where the CBU mailbox pedestal meets the ground beneath it.  The roof cap adds a crown molding appearance to the roofline and is easily fastened to the CBU mailbox unit.

Like its counterpart above, the Auth Florence Vogue Classic accessories kit is available in Black, Dark Bronze, Postal Grey, and Sandstone finishes.

Florence 13 Door Stucco CBU MailboxDecorative Stucco Column CBU Mailbox Kit

One of the newest architectural upgrades for commercial CBU mailboxes is the Decorative Stucco Column  CBU mailbox kit constructed of a foam core interior and stucco-like finished exterior.

Like the Traditional Vogue mailbox accessories kit, it features a peaked roofline to keep snow and trash from being perched upon it.  These architectural, stucco column commercial mailboxes are the easiest of the three CBU mailbox accessories to install. It is all one unit and simply slips over the entire mailbox completely obscuring the CBU mailbox post and providing a custom look for the entire CBU mailbox unit.

The stucco finish is designed to weather the elements and can be quickly repaired or refinished when necessary.  In fact, it can be ordered in an unpainted finish so that developers can create a custom look for their business park or residential addition.

Of course, it also can be ordered in pre-finished colors such as Sandstone, Burnt Tuscan, and Slate Grey.

The MailboxWorks is the nation’s leading retailer of CBU mailboxes whether ordered one at a time or in large (and discounted) quantities suitable for the entire development.


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