Drop Ship vs Wholesale Commercial Mailbox Suppliers

September 12, 2016 5:19 pm

Florence 16 Door Traditional CBU Mailbox3 Key Factors to Consider When Looking for a CBU Mailbox Supplier

Due to their ease of installation and economical per-tenant cost, cluster box mailboxes, commonly called CBU mailboxes or cluster box units, are the go-to solution for any place that requires centralized mail delivery.

If you are a developer or contractor and need the right CBU mailbox at the right price and at the right time, then consider these three factors in your search for a reputable CBU mailbox supplier:

  1. Type of CBU mailbox supplier
  2. Vendor history
  3. CBU mailbox price

Type of CBU Mailbox Supplier

As an architect, developer, or contractor, the CBU mailbox vendor’s reliability is critical to meeting your needs on time, on budget, and with the right centralized mail delivery system for your project.

Most experienced mailbox buyers are aware that in this online age there are now two types of vendors:

  1. Drop Ship Businesses
  2. Wholesale Mailbox Suppliers

Drop Ship Businesses – Drop shipping businesses generally avoid the usual wholesale distribution channels and tend to use telephone answering services to take and process your CBU mailbox order, which is then shipped directly to the you from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, it may be difficult for you as a buyer to assess whether the online retailer is a drop ship company or a wholesale supplier because drop ship websites will generally use the same images and product descriptions as the wholesaler.

Wholesale Mailbox Suppliers – Many wholesalers, like The MailboxWorks, the nation’s leading retailer of CBU mailboxes, not only maintain an online web presence, but also have a brick and mortar mailbox supply store. The advantage to the buyer is that they can speak directly with commercial mailbox experts, who in turn, will have USPS approved CBU mailboxes in stock and can assist the buyer in purchasing the right mailbox configuration for their project.

Vendor History

The second key factor that architects, developers, and contractors should carefully consider when purchasing CBU mailboxes for their project is the experience of the vendor. Experience matters and can generally save the buyer a lot of frustration, as well as time and money.

Look for a reputable commercial mailbox supplier, one that has decades of experience in dealing with developers and contractors.

The MailboxWorks has been serving the commercial mailbox marketplace since 1989 and have earned the trust of architects, developers and contractors over and over again, nationwide.

Our wholesale commercial mailbox products are priced competitively and ship on time. As well, our mailbox experts have the experience, are available six days a week, and can help you configure your CBU mailbox order for exactly what you need.

CBU mailboxes can be ordered in 192 different configurations:

  • Four choices of the number of tenant mailboxes
  • Four different colors
  • Four different numbering configurations
  • Three styles of mailbox accessories and decorations

CBU Mailbox Price

The third factor that veteran architects, engineers, contractors, and developers are seeking in a CBU mailbox supplier is price. The lowest price advertised does not always equal the best value.

Unfortunately, in this industry, we’ve witnessed some Internet retailers resorting to hidden tactics in their pricing, offering a low advertised price but removing a key element such as the pedestal to mount the CBU mailbox upon. This bait-and-switch type of pricing can be costly in terms of time, money, and frustration.

All Mailboxworks CBU mailboxes come complete with everything one needs to install them. As well, The Mailboxworks offers free shipping and a free pedestal with every order. Plus, quantity discounts are offered, even when only two CBU mailboxes are ordered. Even greater discounts are offered for orders of six or more CBU cluster box units.

Visit The Mailboxworks website to see our complete line of Commercial Mailboxes. If you have any further questions about CBU mailboxes or need assistance placing an order, please contact our commercial mailbox experts toll free at 1-866-717-4943.

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