An Update on Bommer Mailboxes for Private Mail Distribution

November 17, 2014 10:40 pm

Bommer 16 Door NDCBU Commercial MailboxOutdoor Bommer pedestal mailboxes that have been decertified by the USPS are an excellent choice for private distribution of mail and other items in outdoor settings.

Bommer Industries manufacturers pedestal Bommer commercial mailboxes and outdoor Bommer apartment mailboxes for private mail distribution in multi-unit complexes such as institutions, office complexes, and college and university mailboxes.

Bommer Mailboxes in 3 Configurations

The MailboxWorks, the country’s leading supplier of commercial and apartment mailboxes, carries Bommer mailboxes in three distinct configurations:

  1. Type 1 eight door Bommer mailboxes
  2. Type 2 twelve door Bommer mailboxes
  3. Type 3 sixteen door Bommer mailboxes

Additionally, because of their flexible design, one can customize the exact assortment of Bommer mailbox doors and door sizes so that the commercial mailbox units meet the exact specifications of the application.

Master Rear Door Mailbox Access

All Bommer pedestal mailboxes are configured with a rear-hinged master door to allow access to all the mailbox compartments when loading them with mail or other items. Crafted with extruded and sheet aluminum, Bommer horizontal mailboxes feature double wall mail compartments for both tensile strength and resistance to corrosion.

Fitted with Private Master Lock

MailboxWorks’ Bommer mailboxes for private mail distribution can also be fitted with a private master lock in lieu of the standard postal lock. The master lock is available with two keys and three keys are provided for each mail compartment unit.  Bommer mailboxes come standard with the mailbox pedestal and cluster box.

Suggestions for New Mailbox Installations

For a new installation for USPS mail delivery, the experts at The MailboxWorks recommend their Auth Florence CBU mailboxes that are also available in the 8, 12, and 16 mailbox door models as well as a 13 door model. Unlike Bommer mailboxes that are available in only one color finish, Auth Florence CBU mailboxes are available in six excellent outdoor color choices including black, dark bronze, forest green, postal gray, sandstone, and white.

Auth Florence CBU mailboxes are authorized by the USPS for mail delivery and the postal carrier’s key fits the master door of all CBU mailboxes in use, making mail delivery more efficient since one key fits all.

Whether you are replacing current Bommer Industries mailboxes with Auth Florence commercial or apartment mailbox units or ordering the same Bommer mailboxes you already have in use, the best prices and customer service for all commercial mailboxes can be found at The MailboxWorks.


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