Don’t Put Your Identity at Risk – 3 Best Security Mailboxes

June 30, 2015

Mailboss Mailbox With PostIt’s a fact that unsecured mailboxes will put your mail at risk for mail theft. As well, your identity and the identity of every adult, teen and child in your home will also be at risk!

Discerning homeowners understand that in mere seconds, a thief can not only steal an incoming check, but also credit card applications, invoices, and government information that could potentially create years of chaos with regard to one’s credit scores and reputation.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the top three best security mailboxes, available at The MailboxWorks, which are ideal for homeowners looking to replace or install a new post mount mailbox. These three security mailboxes include:

  1. dvault Junior Delivery Vault Mailbox
  2. Mail Boss Mailbox Package Master with Post Package
  3. Geneva Security Mailboxes

dVault Jr Locking Mailbox

For homeowners who want to protect both their incoming mail as well as package delivery, dVault’s Junior Delivery Vault locking security mailboxes feature an anti-pry access door. This added security eliminates any fulcrum or pivot point that thieves might like to use as a way to pry open the mailbox with a crow bar or screw driver.

Additionally, dVault Junior security mailboxes are crafted of heavy-duty, sixteen-gauge steel and are sold with a Posi-Lock keyed mechanism that secures the mailbox door via a hook mechanism, one that will not release without the appropriate key.

The delivery door of dVault Junior security mailboxes feature a full set of teeth along the edge of the door. This enhanced security is designed to discourage would be mail thieves who often try to fish delivered mail out of these locking mailboxes with their hand, a coat hanger, or some other apparatus.

Junior Delivery Vault security mailboxes are an excellent choice for homeowners who enjoy shopping online and receiving packages in the mail. dVault’s delivery vault also works very well for those who travel often, operate a home-based business, or receive a larger than normal amount of mail for various other reasons.

Junior Delivery Vault security mailboxes can be purchased from the nation’s leading retailer of security mailboxes, The MailboxWorks. They can be reached toll free at 1-866-717-4943.

Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox

Alternatively, another excellent choice for homeowners seeking a solution that prevents mail theft from post mount mailboxes would be the Mail Boss mailbox package master with post package. Constructed of twelve and fourteen-gauge galvanized steel, Mail Boss locking security mailboxes provide space for both regular postal mail delivery as well as package mail delivery.

Due to their extra large receptacle, Mail Boss locking mailboxes can hold several weeks of mail.

Like the Junior Delivery Vault security mailbox noted above, Mail Boss security mailboxes utilize a special mail shield that thwarts mail-fishing attempts. Mail Boss security mailboxes also feature both an anti-pry latch and a seven-pin, commercial grade, brass locking mechanism.

Geneva Locking Post Mount Mailbox

For homeowners looking for a more economical secure mailbox choice, Geneva security mailboxes provide both security as well as an attractive design.

Constructed of galvanized steel and aluminum, with hardware crafted of stainless steel, Geneva security mailboxes feature a parcel delivery door that opens to accept packages as large as a Webster’s dictionary (5” x 5” x 12”).

Both the front and rear doors of Geneva security mailboxes are sealed with rubber to protect the mail from inclement weather conditions.

Geneva security mailboxes utilize a locking mechanism on the rear access door for your convenience and as added security.

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