Centennial Large Capacity Post Mount Mailbox

August 30, 2017

The Next Generation of Extra Large Capacity Mailboxes

Centennial Post Mount MailboxArchitectural Mailboxes introduced the USPS approved post mount Centennial Large Capacity Mailbox to commemorate a milestone!

In 1915, the familiar curved roof and tunnel shaped mailbox design by Roy J. Joroleman was first introduced. It has since become a classic design, with a traditional size that has endured for more than a century.

In 2015 the United States Postal Service introduced the new USPS Standard 7C Regulations that included “Large Capacity” mailboxes with expanded mail capacity requirements.

The Architectural Centennial large capacity mailbox is designed to meet the needs of today’s home-based businesses, as well as online Internet shoppers. It is constructed of strong, powder coated galvanized steel and features a die cast aluminum handle plus a rigid powder coated steel flag.

Centennial Post Mount Mailbox Filled ViewExtra Large Capacity Mailbox

The images accompanying this article depict the Centennial black with silver flag large capacity post mount mailbox. Incredibly, it is over 5 ½” wider than the traditional 8 5/8” curbside post mount mailboxes that you would normally find. Plus, the interior of the Centennial design is more than 1” higher.

In fact, when comparing the actual interior size in cubic inches, the extra large capacity Centennial mailbox is 56% larger (1110.876 cubic inches) larger than a standard sized letterbox.

This extra large capacity means that the Centennial mailbox can handle several days worth of mail, plus magazines and small to medium-sized packages. This is great news for all online shoppers and home-based businesses that don’t want their packages left outside on the doorstep.

Centennial Mailbox Basic Post Decorative CoverMore Mailbox Features

Architectural Mailboxes Centennial large capacity mailbox with adjustable flag also has a few other excellent features.

For instance, while the classic looking exterior design helps to protect your mail from the elements, the interior design also features an innovative interior drainage system.

Sometimes the postal carrier must deliver the mail in wet conditions. Inevitably, your mail and package deliveries may end up getting wet or damp. The Centennial mailbox floor will allow excess water to drain away and let your mail air-dry.

The powder coated Centennial mailboxes are also available in three striking colors that are sure to match most architectural motifs:

  1. Black with a nickel silver flag and handle (pictured here)
  2. Pewter with a red flag and silver handle
  3. Rubbed bronze with a nickel silver flag and handle

Home Address Numbers

The large design of Architectural Mailboxes Centennial post mount mailbox means that there is ample room to display your home address numbers on either side of the letterbox. For a nominal cost, self-applied street address lettering and numbering can be also be ordered. For application ease, The MailboxWorks provides pre-ordered home address numbers and lettering on one easy-to-apply sheet (instead of as separate letters and numbers).

Vinyl home address numbers and lettering are guaranteed for seven years and are available in the following colors:  black, bronze, white, silver, copper, and gold.

Mailbox Posts

The MailboxWorks is North America’s leading online supplier for residential mailboxes including mailbox and post combo. We offer four unique posts that look and function great with the large capacity Centennial mailboxes including:

  • The thin-shaped “Pacifica” in-ground post
  • The thicker “Standard” in-ground post
  • The “Standard” surface mount post
  • And the “Basic Post” (surface mount) with decorative sleeve cover

Contact The MailboxWorks

The Mailboxworks can ship residential mailboxes to anywhere within the continental United States.

If you have any questions about the Centennial large capacity mailbox or you wish to order a post mount mailbox for your home, please email our experts or call us toll free at 1-866-717-4943.

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