Vintage Charm Meets Modern Needs: Antique Mailboxes

August 4, 2014

Streetscape Westchester Post Mount MailboxOften, residential homeowners that install authentic antique mailboxes soon find they have made a costly mistake once they discover that their “old” vintage antique mailbox does not adequately protect their mail from mail theft or from the natural elements.

Additionally, many other homeowners experience an even more severe wake-up call when their local Postmaster is unable to approve their antique mailboxes for mail delivery.

The solution for those seeking the charm of a vintage antique mailbox without these accompanying hassles is to choose one of the stunning vintage style, reproduction antique mailboxes at The MailboxWorks, the nation’s leading retailer of residential mailboxes.

The unique reproduction antique mailboxes at The MailboxWorks offer the distinct Colonial and Victorian mailbox styles and finishes that are reminiscent of a bygone era, but without any of the rust, or other inconveniences.

All of these beautiful antique mailbox reproductions meet or exceed today’s strict USPS standards for mailbox design and mail delivery. Additionally, these MailboxWorks’ reproduction antique mailboxes are available in the four typical mounting options:

  1. Wall mount
  2. Post mount
  3. Column mount
  4. Pedestal mount

Antique Mailboxes Wall Mount

For homeowners who desire to mount their antique mailboxes on a wall, The MailboxWorks currently offers thirteen distinct choices for antique mailboxes wall mount including beautiful Americana-style antique mailboxes such as:

  • Scroll-adorned Colonial AMCO wall mount antique mailboxes
  • The stunning American Eagle festooned Gaines Eagle wall mount antique mailboxes
  • The Streetscape Manhattan wall mount antique mailboxes, which are reminiscent of our country’s simpler times

Stunning Victorian antique mailboxes are also offered such as the gingerbread detailed, antique style Ecco 6 locking wall mount mailbox and the Paul Revere adorned AMCO Victorian wall mount antique mailboxes.

Post Mount Antique Mailboxes

For homeowners seeking antique mailboxes designed to mount on a post, The MailboxWorks offers a dozen post mount reproduction antique mailboxes that look amazingly vintage but without the maintenance and regulatory issues of an actual antique mailbox.

Among these post mount reproduction antique mailboxes are five gorgeous Victorian mailbox models:

  • The streamlined Imperial 888 antique mailboxes and post
  • The Fleur-de-Lis adorned Imperial 631 antique mailboxes and post
  • The modestly adorned Imperial 311 antique mailboxes with post
  • The raised decorative element of a beautiful horse and carriage on the Imperial 227 antique mailboxes and post
  • And the more elegantly decorated Imperial 119 antique mailboxes with post

Column Mount Antique Mailboxes

For homeowners desiring column mounted antique mailboxes for their residence, The MailboxWorks offers the Manchester, an antique reproduction mailbox that can be customized with one of four mailbox door adornments:

French Fleur-De-Lis

Decorative Scroll Design

Christian Cross

Or No Adornment at All

A Qualarc stucco column can also be selected if the homeowner needs a reproduction antique mailbox and column.

Pedestal Mount Antique Mailboxes

For homeowners seeking antique mailboxes that can be pedestal mounted, The MailboxWorks offers the extraordinarily unique Ecco 8 Tower antique mailbox, which is an all-in-one mailbox unit providing both the pedestal and the reproduction antique mailbox in one complete unit.

The designs of AMCO antique mailboxes and the Gaines Classic antique mailboxes are popular choices when it comes to wall mounted reproduction antique mailboxes, but both are also available as complimentary designed pedestal mounted antique mailboxes.

Bridging Tradition and Modernity: Antique Mailboxes with a Contemporary Twist

In the quest to blend the nostalgic charm of yesteryears with today’s functional demands, antique mailboxes stand as a unique solution, embodying both aesthetic beauty and modern convenience. These mailboxes, reminiscent of a bygone era, offer more than just a nod to the past; they are equipped with contemporary features to meet the current needs of security, durability, and capacity. It’s a harmonious marriage of form and function, where the classic appeal of antique designs meets the practicalities of modern living.

Embark on a journey through our curated collection of antique mailboxes that promise not just to be a receptacle for your mail but a statement piece for your home. Each mailbox in our selection is crafted to embody the elegance of antique styles while incorporating the conveniences essential for today’s lifestyles. From secure locking mechanisms to weather-resistant finishes, these mailboxes offer a perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary reliability.

Discover Timeless Elegance with Modern Flair

As you consider adding a touch of historical elegance to your home, let an antique mailbox with modern conveniences be your choice. Our assortment at Mailbox Works spans a variety of designs, ensuring that every homeowner finds a mailbox that not only resonates with their aesthetic preferences but also fulfills their functional needs.

Take the First Step Towards a Classic Update

Enhance your home’s entrance with an antique mailbox that brings together the best of both worlds. For assistance in selecting the perfect piece or to explore our extensive range of mailboxes, we invite you to contact us at 1-866-717-4943 or visit Contact Us. Allow us to help you choose a mailbox that captures the essence of the past while providing the reliability and functionality essential for today’s world, making every trip to your mailbox a moment to cherish.

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