Stop Mailbox Vandalism with the World’s Toughest Mailboxes

June 27, 2016 8:40 pm

Anti vandalism mailboxes can help alleviate rural mailbox vandalism, which is not uncommon. Yet, while most homeowners with walk up mail delivery will choose a new residential post mount mailbox on the basis of architectural finish or design, anyone who has ever been a victim of mailbox vandalism wants the toughest mailbox they can find.

In this article, the experts at The MailboxWorks unveil the last two vandal resistant mailboxes that baseball bat-wielding vandals will ever want to meet:

  • Bacova Strongbox mailbox
  • Mail Gator mailbox

Bacova Post Mount MailboxBacova Fiberglass Mailboxes

Bacova Strongbox mailboxes are sturdily constructed of 20 pounds of 12-gauge steel and then wrapped with a hand laminated fiberglass material to resist the kind of damage done with a vandal’s baseball bat, steel pipe, or 2 x 4.  And Bacova fiberglass wrapped steel mailboxes have the added advantage of also being works of art!

Designed by professional artists, nearly seventy different designs are available on the Bacova fiberglass mailboxes.  Homeowners can choose from a variety of floral, animal, bird, fish, pet, sport, and other beautifully painted scenes, which are duplicated on both sides of the large fiberglass mailbox.

Additionally, homeowners can specify one line of personalization to be added to both sides of the Bacova mailbox. The end result is a professionally painted scene plus personalization for a wonderfully unique post mount mailbox that you’ll be proud to display at your curbside.

Mail Gator Curbside Residential MailboxMail Gator Mailboxes

At the same price point as the Bacova Strongbox mailbox is another excellent choice to stop mailbox vandalism, Mail Gator locking mailboxes.

Designed and built by former letter carriers as an anti vandalism mailbox, Mail Gator locking mailboxes were also constructed with mail security and safety in mind.

Crafted of a high impact composite plastic, these are locking vandal resistant mailboxes that can withstand destructive items such as baseball bats, pipes and 2x4s. Yet, gator mailboxes are also designed to break away if struck by a motor vehicle, instead of inflicting personal injury on a driver who has lost control in inclement weather conditions such as black ice.

Mail gator mailboxes also boast of an additional safety feature in that homeowners do not have to step out into the street or dangerously stop their car along the road to retrieve their mail. These curbside mailboxes allow the postal carrier to securely drop the mail into the front of the mailbox that faces the street, while providing a backside mail pickup door that is secured by a lock and key for the homeowner to gather their mail.

And, like the Bacova fiberglass mailbox that is significantly larger than normal post mounted mailboxes, the Mail Gator mailbox is also larger with an increased capacity so that homeowners can leave on short vacations or trips without having the postal service hold their mail.

Mail gator mailboxes are available in seven granite style colors such as charcoal, dark bronze, forest green, light grey, sandstone, terra cotta, and white.

While The MailboxWorks carries hundreds of other residential post mount mailboxes, these two are some of the toughest mailboxes you can buy.  For homeowners who are frequent victims of mailbox vandalism, Bacova fiberglass mailboxes and Mail Gator mailboxes are excellent choices.

To learn more about anti vandalism mailboxes contact the mailbox experts at The Mailboxworks, toll free at 1-866-717-4943.

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