Stop Mailbox Vandalism with the World’s Toughest Mailboxes

June 27, 2016

Anti-vandalism mailboxes can help ease mailbox vandalism, which is sadly not uncommon. Most homeowners will choose a new mailbox based on finish or design. However, anyone who has been a victim of mailbox vandalism wants the toughest mailbox they can find.

In this article, the experts at The MailboxWorks reveal two vandal resistant mailboxes that baseball bat-wielding vandals will never want to meet.

Bacova Fiberglass Mailboxes

Bacova Strongbox Post Mount MailboxBacova Strongbox mailboxes are sturdy, to say the least. They are constructed of an impressive twenty pounds of 12-gauge steel. Then they are wrapped with hand-laminated fiberglass to resist the kind of damage done with a vandal’s baseball bat, steel pipe, or 2 x 4. Bacova mailboxes also have the advantage of being works of art!

Designed by professional artists, nearly seventy different designs are available to our customers. Homeowners can choose from a variety of floral, animal, sport, and beautifully painted scenes that are duplicated on both sides of this large mailbox.

Additionally, homeowners can specify one line of personalized text to be added to both sides of the mailbox. The end result is a professionally painted scene plus customization for a wonderfully unique and anti-vandalism mailbox. You will be proud to display any Bacova mailbox at your curbside.

Mail Boss Mailboxes

Mail Boss Package Master Mailbox GraniteEpoch Design’s Mail Boss mailbox line has added many new secure mailboxes to their collection since their start in 2006. Their options include locking wall mount mailboxes, locking post mount mailboxes, multi-mailbox post mount options, and package dropboxes. Mail Boss mailboxes were constructed with mail security and mailbox durability in mind.

The mailbox itself is constructed of 12 and 14 gauge galvanized steel, while the post is made of 10 and 14 gauge galvanized steel. Both mailboxes and posts have a durable powder-coat finish that is resistant to acts of vandalism. Additionally, the commercial-grade wafer lock is one of the best anti-pry locks on the market. These mailboxes hit vandals right back!

While The MailboxWorks carries hundreds of other residential post mount mailboxes, these two are some of the toughest mailboxes you can buy. For homeowners who are frequent victims of mailbox vandalism, Bacova fiberglass mailboxes and Mail Boss mailboxes are excellent choices.

Safeguard Your Deliveries with Anti-Vandalism Mailboxes

Ensure your mail’s safety with anti-vandalism mailboxes, designed to resist tampering and withstand harsh conditions. Perfect for enhancing mail security, these durable mailboxes keep your mail secure from theft and vandalism, offering peace of mind.

For a secure and stylish mailbox solution, browse our anti-vandalism mailboxes at Mailbox Works. Visit us or call at 1-866-717-4943.for secure mailbox solutions. Shop Anti-Vandalism Mailboxes | contact for Assistance

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