10 Advantages of Buying CBU Cluster Mailboxes from MailboxWorks

March 26, 2019

Florence 12 Door Traditional CBU MailboxBuying CBU mailboxes online at The MailboxWorks has a lot of advantages.

Florence CBU mailboxes (also called cluster mailboxes) are among the most secure options for outdoor mailboxes. They also include secure parcel delivery lockers.

Officially licensed by the United States Postal Service (USPS), CBU mailboxes provide an excellent defense against mail theft, identity theft, and property damage.

Designed with heavy-duty extruded aluminum, every cluster box unit (CBU) mailbox provides not only protection against thieves but also against the never-ending onslaught of extreme weather conditions including high winds, rain, sleet, and snow.

This blog article will list the top ten advantages of buying CBU mailboxes from the nation’s leading retailer of commercial mailboxes, The MailboxWorks.

Huge CBU Mailbox Selection

The first advantage one receives when buying CBU mailboxes from The MailboxWorks is their extraordinarily large selection of commercial cluster box units. No matter what size or brand of cluster mailboxes you require, this mailbox vendor has the CBU mailboxes you need for your project.

Free Mailbox Shipping

The second advantage of buying CBU mailboxes from this mailbox supplier is that all cluster box units are shipped to you free of charge, anywhere within the continental United States. Free Shipping is one benefit that can provide significant savings for every commercial CBU mailbox order you place.

Volume Buying CBU Mailboxes = Discount Pricing

The third benefit of purchasing from this vendor is that volume discount pricing starts with the second CBU unit ordered.  Most other commercial mailbox retailers require the purchase of five or more commercial mailboxes before they will honor a volume discount. However, with The MailboxWorks, your need for low-cost CBU mailboxes is met with discounts that start with the second unit purchased.

Quick Commercial Mailbox Delivery

The fourth benefit of buying CBU mailboxes from The MailboxWorks is that you do not have to wait for months to receive your commercial mailbox order. The MailboxWorks is a supplier that always carries numerous models and brands including Florence CBU cluster box unit mailboxes. So, if one manufacturer backorders your desired cluster box model, The MailboxWorks can provide a nearly identical unit from another one of our CBU manufacturers so that you receive your order on time for your project.

Toll-Free Customer Service

The fifth benefit is that you can reach this vendor’s toll-free expert customer service line at any time by calling 1-866-717-4943. When you call The MailboxWorks, you are speaking with a commercial mailbox expert who know mailboxes and can answer all of your questions.

Custom Mailbox Placards

The sixth advantage of choosing a vendor like The MailboxWorks is that you can add custom placards to your tenant mailbox units. Choose special numerals or letters specific to your project or you can even have the numerals or letters engraved upon each tenant mailbox.

Extra High-Security Mailbox Options

The seventh benefit of buying CBU mailboxes from this respected vendor is the ability to order extra high-security options for your cluster box units. While regular Florence CBU mailboxes do a good job of preventing identity theft or vandalism, sometimes the location of your cluster mailboxes requires even more protection. The MailboxWorks offers extra high-security CBU mailboxes with:

  • Thicker aluminum cabinets
  • Tamper resistant bolts
  • Heavier reinforced gate crossbars
  • And protective collars on each individual tenant’s compartment lock

Great Technical Support

The eighth advantage of buying CBU mailboxes from The MailboxWork’s is immediate product and technical support in myriad forms. You can contact a commercial mailbox expert for technical answers to your questions at any time during their convenient business hours. You can also receive immediate help on commercial mailbox features, dimensions, installation, cleaning, care, warranty, sustainability, and LEED qualification information via an instant download that’s always available online.

Choice of Mailbox Finish

The ninth benefit of buying from the nation’s leading retailer is the wide availability of commercial mailbox finishes for each cluster box unit. Instead of settling for a standard sandstone finish, you can choose a CBU mailbox finish in black, bronze, or postal grey, to bring a more refined touch to your project.

CBU Mailbox Replacement Parts

The tenth advantage to buying CBU mailboxes from The MailboxWorks is the availability of CBU mailbox replacement parts.  While most cluster box mailboxes rarely require a replacement part, one has a peace of mind when they know CBU mailbox replacement parts are available from the vendor who provided the cluster box units to them.

For more on CBU mailbox requirements, visit this USPS PDF file entitled, A Guide for Builders and Developers.


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