Put your Versatile 4C Mailboxes on Pedestals

July 25, 2011

Florence 4C Pedestal Mailboxes

UPDATE: 4C Pedestal Mailboxes have been discontinued as of November 30, 2020. The USPS Cluster Box Unit (CBU) Mailbox is now the standard for all multi-family mail delivery.

USPS approved Commercial Mailboxes like the 4c mailboxes, can be moved away from the typical anchoring to a wall and closer to the end-users with the simple addition of a pedestal.   Without a pedestal, 4C commercial mailboxes are USPS approved.  Today, all the US Postal Service requires for pedestal mounting the 4C horizontal mailboxes is local Postmaster approval. And because of the ease-of-use to local postal carriers, most local Postmasters are keen to approve the new 4C Pedestal Mailboxes.

One of the primary reasons pedestal mounted 4C commercial mailboxes is becoming an excellent option for both residential and commercial use is the near limitless level of customized configurations available.  For example, the popular CBU mailboxes offer 8, 12, 13, and 16 tenant doors, which sometimes limit their use for all applications.

Yet the 4C commercial mailboxes (whether on a pedestal or not) work extraordinary well for any applications.  For example, if you want a pedestal-mounted mailbox under 8 tenant doors, you can create a customized 4C pedestal mailbox with exactly the number of tenant doors you need.  And that customization is true for configurations beyond 16 doors as well since the 4C mailbox suites can accommodate up to 29 doors per horizontal mailbox.

The customization of versatile 4C mailbox suites goes far beyond the ability to customize the number of tenant mailboxes.  Purchasers can configure the 4C in a wide variety of standard as well as custom configurations from one to twenty-nine doors.  Each door can be identified by a standard decal (numbers 1 to 999 are standard) or each 4C pedestal mailbox door can be professionally engraved with a door ID number (or lettering) up to six characters per door.  Additionally, each 4C pedestal mailbox is available in a wide, attractive array of ten architecturally pleasing colors that will coordinate with nearly every facility or campus décor.

4C mailboxes can be configured to accommodate larger tenant door sizes as well as a variety of door sizes on the same 4C mailbox suite.  Standard size USPS approved tenant doors are available in 3 ¼ inches high, 6 ¾ inches high, 10 ¾ inches high, 13 ¼ inches high, and even a huge 17 ¼ inches high tenant door.  USPS approved outgoing mail collection sizes are also available in the same sizes.  Authorized sellers of the USPS approved 4C mailboxes can help you find the most economical and efficient design for your project. In fact, The MailboxWorks provides this mailbox layout design service for free at 4c Mailbox Options.

Suitable for either private or public use, 4C horizontal pedestal mounted mailboxes are constructed of 300 series stainless steel as well as heavy gauge aluminum.  Plus 4C pedestal mailboxes are powder-coated for a scratch and vandal resistant finish.

Superior construction means every 4C pedestal mounted mailbox is a solid architectural quality commercial mailbox with exceptional durability and corrosion resistance — regardless of whether it is mounted under cover or exposed to the elements.  And a standard option on all 4C pedestal mailboxes is quick-release master loading door lock latches that allow postal carriers or private mail delivery personnel to quickly and easily load the 4C pedestal mounted mailbox.

And the interior construction is consistent with the exterior in terms of strength and security providing each tenant a solid aluminum mail slot compartment.  Each tenant slot on the 4C pedestal mailbox is equipped with three keys.  And, for private use applications, mailbox keys can be eliminated all together with the new Combicam combination lock.

For LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) projects, commercial 4C pedestal mailboxes may qualify for credits.   Additionally, an optional mail slot plug may be used to restrict access to specific mail slots.

In addition to private and public mail delivery 4C pedestal mailboxes, the pedestal mounting option can be implemented on a parcel collection box, drop box or even a trash bin.


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