4C Mailbox Options

Introducing a new set of 4C mailbox options that will increase the flexibility of your 4C commercial mailboxes. Florence mailboxes give you more choices allowing you to totally customize your commercial mailbox layout.

USPS Approved Mailbox Door Size Options

4C USPS Approved Tenant Door Sizes

The flexibility of these USPS approved mailbox door sizes allows greatly increases your 4C mailbox options. You can customize your commercial mailboxes for the specific needs of your tenants. Choose either single, double, triple, quadruple, or even quintuple high mailbox door sizes. Create larger tenant compartments and endless module options with these Florence commercial mailboxes.

Outgoing Mailbox Door Sizes

4C USPS Approved Outgoing Mail Sizes

Are you looking at 4C mailbox options with a larger mail collection unit for collecting outgoing mail? You can meet the demand of a busy mail center with new USPS-approved outgoing mail collection compartment size options. Anchored below the mail slot, you can swap out the standard single-high outgoing mail collection compartment for either a two, three, four, or five-high option, ensuring plenty of outgoing mail collection space for the needs of all your tenants.

Mail Slot Removal Option

Don’t need a mail slot in your commercial mailbox installation? These 4C mailbox options allow you to remove the mail slot entirely if there will not be any outgoing mail! Depending on the 4C mailbox model, you will have the option to remove the mail slot entirely or replace the mail slot with another tenant door. This option requires local Postal Approval.

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