4C Mailboxes: 3 Location Considerations

October 7, 2013

For apartment and office space builders and renovators looking to install commercial 4C mailbox suites, The MailboxWorks is North America’s most relied upon retailer of commercial 4C mailboxes.

UPDATE: 4C Pedestal Mailboxes have been discontinued as of November 30, 2020. The USPS Cluster Box Unit (CBU) Mailbox is now the standard for all multi-family mail delivery.

As versatile 4C mailbox suites are not just a utilitarian investment in one’s tenant space but rather a significant part of the tenant’s daily life, the placement or location of 4C horizontal mailboxes on the property is a key decision point for all builders and developers. See also, our blog article on 4C Mailbox Installation Steps.

To assist builders in the process and to ensure that proper mailbox location is not overlooked in the rush of meeting project completion dates, the following three considerations should be addressed in locating your project’s commercial 4C mailboxes:

  1. Single vs multiple 4C mailbox locations
  2. Integrating 4c mailboxes with existing building amenities
  3. Adding additional amenities

Florence 4C Pedestal MailboxesSingle Vs. Multiple Mailbox Locations

First, developers and builders should consider whether or not to mount all 4C mailboxes in a single, centralized location or whether to install the 4C mailbox suites into multiple locations.

The advantages of installing 4C mailboxes into a single centralized location are myriad but these two reasons are among the strongest:

(a) A centralized location for commercial 4C mailboxes creates a community hub for tenants, which allows them to meet and connect with each other so that relationships can be developed and cultivated over time (this, of course, translates to higher tenant satisfaction and thus, higher tenant retention rates.

(b) As well, a centralized 4C mailbox location often provides higher security levels for most buildings in that greater traffic flow due to the concentration of mailboxes can often thwart any nefarious activities.

Installing 4C mailboxes in several locations also has its advantages, especially in developments that are horizontally dispersed over multiple acres of land. There are many advantages to centralization in more than one mailbox location but the major benefit is that the 4C mailboxes are placed in the most convenient locations for tenants to access their mail.

Regardless of the mounting decision, all builders, architects, and developers should consult with their local postmaster to ensure that their choice(s) of mailbox location meets with local postmaster approval.

Florence 4C Mailboxes Installed4C Mailbox Integration with Existing Amenities

The second consideration in locating your project’s 4C mailboxes is how to integrate the versatile 4C mailbox suites with other building amenities.

For example, some developers have simply installed the 4C mailboxes in an obscure corner or section.

While tenants certainly will find and use their mailboxes regardless of location, many developers have discovered that positioning 4C mailboxes in locations along a commonly traveled lobby path produces high tenant satisfaction, as it is simply more convenient to pick up and drop off one’s mail along a commonly accessed lobby pathway.

Additionally, locating 4C mailboxes along a path means higher security for both tenants and the 4C mailbox suites since traffic is coming from two directions.

Adding Additional Amenities

Finally, even beyond the placement of commercial 4C mailboxes, some developers have complimented their 4C mailbox installations with beautiful lobby spaces that include amenities such as comfortable seating configurations, trash containers, and TV monitors that all serve to attract and encourage tenants to simply have a seat and go through their mail.

For even greater tenant satisfaction, some apartment management groups have added complete business centers to their 4C mailbox location with utilitarian amenities such as tape, staplers, and complimentary envelopes (from shipping companies) that are often needed to mail out packages and letters.


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