10 Exciting 4C Mailbox Color Options

March 4, 2014

Florence Dark Bronze 4C MailboxAuth Florence 4C mailboxes are typically ordered in a standard postal grey, but there are 10 other beautiful 4C mailbox colors available to choose from at The MailboxWork’s, the nation’s largest supplier of commercial mailboxes.

UPDATE: 4C Pedestal Mailboxes have been discontinued as of November 30, 2020. The USPS Cluster Box Unit (CBU) Mailbox is now the standard for all multi-family mail delivery.

Florence 4C mailboxes are all designed and crafted with heavy gauge aluminum and thick stainless steel components, making them exceptionally strong and perfect for enduring challenging weather elements, regardless of the 4C mailbox color finish chosen.

Dark Tone 4C Mailbox Colors

For developers and apartment managers desiring darker brown tone mailbox finishes, available 4C mailbox colors come in five distinct choices (from darkest to lightest):

  1. Elegant dark bronze
  2. Brunette-looking antique bronze
  3. Beautiful copper tone called antique copper
  4. Taupe-styled blonde gold
  5. And the ever-popular sandstone

4C Mailbox Colors for Modern & Post-Modern Architecture

For tenant buildings boasting modern or post-modern style architecture, the bold antique copper 4C mailbox color finish attracts one’s eye in a manner rarely held by such an everyday item.

For tenant buildings with more classic lines, the dark bronze and antique bronze 4C mailbox colors create a wonderful vibe of understated affluence for one’s project.

And for projects where the commercial mailboxes are designed to be more functional and in the background, the light sandstone 4C mailbox color and slightly darker blonde gold color do an excellent job of looking great without grabbing the spotlight.

Florence Black 4C Horizontal MailboxAvant-Garde 4C Mailbox Colors

For developers seeking a more novel, Avant-Garde 4C mailbox color, The MailboxWorks also offers three stunning colors that definitely put an exclamation mark on one’s project design:

  1. Classic black finish
  2. Forest green finish
  3. Gold speck finish

The sophisticated tuxedo black 4C mailbox color finish puts a contrasting touch on both modern and classic interior design while the 4C mailboxes gold speck color works spectacularly well for 18th and 19th-century restoration projects.

Additionally, the forest green 4C mailbox color is a wonderful addition to both earth-tone projects as well as jewel-tone installations.

Light 4C Mailbox Colors

For developers and apartment managers who are looking for 4C mailbox colors in a lighter tone for new or renovation projects, The MailboxWorks offers three distinct color choices (from darkest to lightest):

  1. Near pewter-styled silver speck 4C mailboxes
  2. Standard postal grey 4C mailboxes
  3. The clean look of the white 4C mailboxes

The 4C mailbox silver speck color provides a stunning tone-on-tone look for both modern and renovation projects while the 4C mailbox white color looks excellent in both contrasting and non-contrasting design projects.

And of course, there’s always the standard postal grey 4C mailbox color for ordinary installation projects.

Tenant Mailbox Door Identification Colors

For even more distinctive looks in the choice of 4C mailbox colors, consider using the tenant mailbox door identification feature as an additional design element.

The tenant mailbox door identification feature for 4C mailboxes offers several wonderful design choices.

  1. The standard silver placards
  2. Custom silver placards (very similar in design, but they allow for three numerals of one’s choice)
  3. Then there are three engraving options:
    a. Standard engraving (where the engraving simply leaves the aluminum color beneath the color finish)
    b. Filled color engraving in black
    c. Filled color engraving in white

All three engraving finishes for the mailbox placards can create a very unique, complementary look for one’s 4C mailbox color choices.  For example, a modern finish can be augmented nicely when a black finish is paired with a white fill engraving or a white finish is filled with a black fill engraving.

Additionally, an understated tone-on-tone look can be created when a darker finish, like antique bronze or dark bronze, is paired with the black fill, or when a silver speck or postal grey is simply engraved without fill (creating an aluminum on silver speck or postal grey).

Whichever mailbox door placard finish one chooses to complement the chosen 4C mailbox color, The MailboxWorks is the nation’s leading commercial mailbox retailer with full availability and quick shipping of all choices.


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