Top 4 Warning Signs You May Need to Replace Your Mailbox

July 21, 2015 9:10 pm

Whitehall Superior Mailbox PackageAll it takes is a short drive down any street in America to grasp that many homeowners make the huge mistake of neglecting or not replacing a mailbox that has outlived its function.

From poorly mounted mailboxes and broken or bent mailbox posts to rusting or damaged mailboxes, or residential mailboxes that have simply been neglected for too long; the affect on a community can create a downward spiral in property values or even worse, attract criminal elements.

To help you decide whether your residential mailbox should be replaced or not, ask yourself these four questions; key indicators that it may be time to replace an old mailbox, whether it’s a wall mount or post mount mailbox:

  1. Is your mailbox a roadside hazard with a possible liability issue?
  2. Is your mailbox having mechanical/operational issues?
  3. Does your mailbox lack security?
  4. Is your mailbox damaged or rusted?

Is Your Mailbox a Roadside Hazard?

First, if your post mount or wall mount mailbox presents a potential liability issue for your property, it should be replaced immediately. If your home mailbox is poorly mounted; for instance your wall mount mailbox falls onto a child or you have a mailbox post that projects into the sidewalk and possibly injures a passerby or bicyclist – this could result in an unwanted and costly lawsuit.  The cost of replacing your home mailbox is significantly lower than the potential cost of hiring an attorney, or worse, paying a judgment on a lawsuit.

Is Your Mailbox Broken (Having Operations Issues)?

Second, if your mailbox has mechanical failures such as a door that does not securely close or has jagged edges, or a flag that does not stay upright; such ongoing failures on a mailbox can be very frustrating. These failures (mechanical issues) can result not only in the daily inconveniences of your interaction with your mailbox but also may result in your local postmaster requiring that you address the mechanical failures in order to improve the delivery of your mail. Plus, mechanical failures can lead to the loss of weather protection for your mail. Replacing your old mailbox is recommended to ensure that your mail is delivered safely to your mailbox and when retrieved, is in the same condition that it was when delivered.

Is Your Mailbox Secure?

Third, if you own an old mailbox, one that is much older or is a basic model perhaps (one that lacks the security features that are commonplace on many of today’s mailboxes), it is best to immediately replace your mailbox with a secure locking mailbox. The rise of mail theft and identity theft is unprecedented regardless of what type of community you live in. Even if there are no other indications that your old mailbox should be replaced, if your mail isn’t secure at present then your mailbox definitely should be replaced as soon as possible.

Do You Have a Damaged Mailbox?

Fourth, if your residential mailbox is rusting or has been dented or damaged, you should consider replacing your mailbox for the simple reason that it is nearly always the first impression that every guest and passerby has of your home.  A new mailbox replacement can provide a better match to your home’s architecture as well as a stunning greeting to everyone who visits your home.

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