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Apartment Mailbox Shelters & Stands

Postal distribution commercial apartment mailboxes can either be surface mounted or recessed into the wall of a multi-tenant complex.

However, when recessed or semi-recessed indoor installation is not an option or if the commercial apartment mailboxes must be installed as an outdoor centralized mail distribution center, The MailboxWorks offers the following two mailbox mounting options:

  1. Commercial Apartment Mailbox Shelters
  2. Commercial Apartment Mailbox Stands

These mailbox installation options offer a lot of flexibility. You can choose the apartment mailbox design, configuration and color scheme and customize your apartment mailboxes to match any apartment building or multi-tenant complex.

Vario Express Apartment Mailbox Stands

These free standing posts and beams can be installed either inside or outside apartments and other multi-tenant buildings with centralized mail delivery. Designed for quick installation and for aftermarket installation, these Vario Express apartment mailbox stands are versatile and can be used to mount all sizes of 4C apartment mailboxes.

One of the biggest selling features of these apartment mailbox stands is that they can be arranged in a number of configurations; flush against an interior or exterior wall, back to back or in a custom shape.

The weather resistant finish and strong welded heavy gauge aluminum construction help keep these apartment mailbox stands in great condition, even after years of use. Buy a Vario Express apartment mailbox stand as part of our 4C CBU Mailbox Package and earn even greater savings on the both items.

Ask Us About Our Affordable Mailbox Mounting Solutions

MailboxWorks' commitment to satisfaction and low prices guarantees that you will find the right apartment mailbox shelter or stand to suit your apartment mailbox installation.

For more information about our apartment mailboxes please contact us Toll Free at 1-800-824-9985 or by email Apartment Mailbox Suppliers.

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Apartment Mailboxes Applications

For over two decades, The MailboxWorks Mailboxes has built its reputation on providing clients with competitive prices on customized apartment mailboxes.

Our mailbox experts at The MailboxWorks can also help you with United States Postal Service (USPS) regulations that have changed over the years to ensure that you select the right commercial apartment mailboxes for what you need.

Which Apartment Mailbox Option Do You Need?

The US Postal Service sets guidelines and provides certification for commercial mailbox design. These regulations are strictly enforced for mail delivery to apartment buildings and any multi-tenant complex, whether for use as residential or commercial mailboxes.

Vertical Apartment Mailboxes

Tall and thin, vertical mailboxes are less common today, but remain approved by USPS for replacement purposes only. USPS requires that only 4C horizontal apartment mailboxes be installed in all new builds and apartments receiving major renovations.

2600 Horizontal Commercial Mailboxes

USPS has approved Florence Manufacturing's 2600 series of horizontal commercial mailboxes for replacement use only and these are ideal as replacement mailboxes for existing multi-tenant and apartment complexes.

4C Horizontal Apartment Mailboxes

This front loading apartment mailbox design is approved by USPS for new apartment construction and for any apartments undergoing major renovations. These commercial mailbox units can be recessed or surface mounted for added flexibility during mailbox installation.

CBU Apartment Mailboxes

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, these "cluster box units" are manufactured by Auth Florence Manufacturing and sit on a pedestal. The pedestal CBU mailbox design is now USPS’s preferred outdoor centralized mail delivery system for apartment buildings and approved for use in all old, renovated and new apartment buildings.

Pedestal Cluster Apartment Mailboxes

USPS has not approved the use of these pedestal mounted cluster mailbox units however they may still be utilized at existing apartment and commercial buildings if you are granted permission by your local Post Master. CBU apartment mailboxes must be installed in all new construction and apartments undergoing major renovations.

Customizing Apartment Mailboxes

Florence Manufacturing commercial apartment mailboxes are designed with flexibility and versatility in mind. It is possible to find your ideal mailbox configuration and still meet USPS requirements.

MailboxWorks professionals are available to provide installation advice and expert layout design and assistance to ensure you get the right balance of tenant mailbox units, drop boxes, parcel lockers and letter drop boxes.

Apartment Mailbox Accessories

For improved functionality consider these additional apartment mailbox accessories to compliment your standard installation:

  • Separate apartment drop boxes, collection boxes and mail slots
  • Key keepers for post office access to apartment building
  • Mailbox address tags with custom engraving
  • Chimes & Peepholes
  • Key Cabinets for private use by apartment landlords

Ask Us About Apartment Mailboxes for Sale

MailboxWorks’ mailbox professionals can help you select the style, model and mounting options to ensure that the commercial apartment mailboxes you buy meets your requirements as well as USPS guidelines.

For more information about commercial apartment mailboxes or for free apartment mailbox layout assistance please contact us Toll Free at 1-800-824-9985 or by email at Apartment Mailbox Suppliers.

Commercial Apartment Mailboxes

MailboxWorks offers a large selection of USPS approved apartment mailboxes suited for use in apartment complexes, condos and other buildings with a centralized mail distribution center that requires a multi-unit Commercial Mailbox solution. Our inventory of commercial apartment mailboxes include CBU mailboxes, front loading and rear loading 4C horizontal mailboxes and traditional vertical mailboxes. You'll also find a number of mounting options for commercial apartment mailboxes.
CBU Apartment Mailboxes
Commercial Cluster Box Units

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Starting Price: $37.10
Front Loading
4C Apartment Mailboxes

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Starting Price: $197.77
Rear Loading
4C Apartment Mailboxes

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Starting Price: $239.00
Vario Depot Mail Stands with
Front Loading 4C Apartment Mailboxes

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Starting Price: $799.22

Surface Mounted Front Loading
4C Apartment Mailboxes

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Starting Price: $494.77
4B+ Postal Distribution
Horizontal Apartment Mailboxes

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Starting Price: $497.63
Private Distribution
Horizontal Commercial Mailboxes

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Apartment Mailboxes

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Drop Boxes, Collection Boxes
and Letter Slots

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Bommer NDCBU
Pedestal Cluster Mailboxes

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Starting Price: $897.64
2 Door USPS Approved
Outdoor Parcel Locker

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Starting Price: $955.48
Key Keepers
& Accessories

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Auth Florence Vario Express
4C Mailbox Shelter

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