Whitehall Multi Mount Mailboxes

November 3, 2016

Whitehall Mailboxes Dual PostAs a developer, homeowners association, or residential complex manager looking to buy multi family mailboxes, your choices will define the uniformity and architectural integrity of your neighborhood. Whitehall multi mount mailboxes are more than just a daily amenity for your tenants and residents. They also help define the neighborhood’s appeal and aesthetic while sustaining or improving upon property values.

The de facto choice for most developers and homeowners associations is the Whitehall multi mount mailbox system, available online at The Mailboxworks, one of America’s leading suppliers for multi mount residential mailboxes. Depending on the layout of your residential complex, you can choose one of three multi mount mailbox systems by Whitehall:

  1. Double mailbox post system
  2. Triple mailbox post system
  3. Quad mailbox post system

Whitehall Double Mailbox Post System

Mounted on a single post, the Whitehall double mailbox system includes two Whitehall residential post mount mailboxes, a mailbox post, all assembly hardware, and 2 front address panels that can be addressed separately. Optional multi mount mailbox accessories include a newspaper holder and post cuff.

Whitehall Mailboxes Triple PostWhitehall Triple Mailbox Post System

Mounted on a double post, the Whitehall triple mailbox system comes with three Whitehall residential post mount mailboxes mounted on a cross beam supported by two mailbox posts. These large post mounted mailboxes are big enough to allow magazines to lie flat and include front address panels (that can be addressed separately) plus posts and installation hardware. You can also order the multiple mailbox post cuff and newspaper holders separately.

Whitehall Quad Mailbox Post System

Also mounted on a double post, the Whitehall quad mailbox system has four Whitehall residential mailboxes mounted on a cross beam supported by two mailbox posts. Designed as multi family mailboxes, these also include 4 front address panels that can be personalized with up to 6 home address numbers. Optional multi mount mailbox accessories include mailbox post cuffs and newspaper holders however; posts and mailbox installation hardware are included.

Whitehall Mailboxes Quad PostMulti Mount Mailbox Savings

While developers and homeowners associations already realize significant savings on installation labor by installing a multi family mailbox system instead of single post mount mailboxes, The Mailboxworks also offers quantity discounts on purchases of two or more Whitehall multi mount mailbox systems.

Whitehall multi mount mailboxes are also designed to last a lifetime. Made of die cast aluminum, they are finished in an all new Alumi-Shield coating that protects against any type of weather conditions, which means little to no maintenance is required for the life of your mailbox.

And because these are large Whitehall mailboxes, they also provide advantages to tenants conducting businesses or residents who receive a significant amount of mail or small packages.

Other Multi Family Mailbox Options

Whitehall multi mount mailboxes can be ordered in four different finishes including bronze, black, white, or green.  The Mailboxworks also carries a full line of brand name multi mount mailboxes including Janzer, Keystone, Coronado, Oasis and Mail Boss.

If you still have questions about any of our multi mount mailbox systems or if you need help ordering, please contact us online or call our Mailboxworks experts toll free at 1-866-717-4943.

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